Make digital stamp with saving

In this article, we will talk about creating your own stamp using the online electronic stamp maker. You can create it yourself in just a few clicks. Then you can save the finished result in docs, SVG, png, and pdf formats. No special skills are required to use the stamp generator. In addition, using the online stamp designer is free.

How to use the tool to create a digital stamp for documents?

The service itself is located here. You can use the designer to create your own stamp in the form of a circle, triangle, or rectangle. The difference when creating them is only in the shape of an e stamp online. Otherwise, the procedure below is the same for any form.

Go to the specified link.

  • Click on the button labeled "new stamp".
  • Choose a shape (round, rectangular, or triangular) and then set the size.
  • Edit the outer ring. At this stage, you can change its size and thickness.
  • If you need additional rings, add the "circle" element to the electronic stamp maker.
  • To enter and edit text, you need to add an element called "text in a circle".
  • After that, click on the "Text" element. This way you can type the text that will be located in the Central part of the impression. But that's not all.
  • The stamp designer allows you to create a rubber stamp and add a picture. You can choose a standard stamp template from the suggested list or upload your own image. You can change the size and location of the image.
  • After you finish working on the seal, you can save it or send an order for production.

Advantages of developing a layout in

free stamp maker online

A serious advantage is that this tool allows you to develop and create your own stamps and seals of almost any complexity. Moreover, you can create an image using the online seal designer for free. This is not included in the cost of the finished product. The image is created using vector graphics. That means that it will look equally clear at any scale.

The advantages also include the ability to create an image for future work without experience in graphic editors (Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, CorelDraw, and others). That means that a completely untrained user can make a stamp layout for making an impression on their own without the help of specialists. The online seal and stamp designer allows you to solve this problem quickly and efficiently.

The company was the first on the market to offer users a tool for creating a layout of the future stamp in vector format. These images can be transferred to the base in the form of a rubber or photopolymer. Of course, it is possible to scale the image to any size. The size is smaller than when creating any complex


The result

The finished image can be downloaded from the site in various file formats. That means you get a free electronic stamp maker online with savings. This is a pretty tempting offer.

  • SVG. This is an image in vector graphics. It can be scaled to any size. If you are going to make a seal or stamp using engraving technology, then this image is simply necessary.
  • PNG. This is a popular image file extension. The background of the image is transparent, and the resolution is 600dpi.
  • PDF. This is a document format that is supported by almost all operating systems and applications.
  • To facilitate the electronic download task, the stamp maker has a function called "save layout". After saving, you can go back at any time and edit the future impression, if this is necessary. By the way, the undoubted advantage of MyStampReady is that it is possible to create images in the form of a triangle. There is a fast and free online designer where you can make a stamp.
  • DOCX is The most popular Microsoft Word format.

Why is an online constructor so good?

Use this tool to design, view, and edit various layouts for seals. The user gets an interface where he can work without any experience of using various graphic applications such as Adobe Photoshop. The electronic stamp maker online provides a selection of tools and materials for future creating. In my opinion, the main advantage is the ability to participate independently in the development of a seal/stamp and see how it will look in the future. Naturally, all this can be done remotely without leaving the house. And, make the order in the same way.

How do I create a digital stamp in Word?

You can create a digital stamp in Word by inserting an image from your computer. First, insert a picture from any folder on your computer. Second, select the image or WordArt object to draw a stamp and click on the “Insert” tab. Third, type a name for your stamp. Fourth, define where you want to place your stamp using the “Custom” box located below the name of your digital stamp. Fifth, click on “OK” and proceed.

How do you use digital stamps?

To use a digital stamp, you can either upload the stamp manually on the required document, pdf, etc., or get it printed or crafted for inking or embossing purposes.

How do you make digital stamps?

Digital stamps are easier to make than you might imagine. Also, it's free of cost. The process is very simple:Go to the official website of MyStampReady < Click on “New Stamp” < Select size and click on “Create” < Set Size < Add Text < Add Text Element < Add Pictures < Download

How can I make my own stamps?

Creating your own stamp is as exciting and fun as having one. As it is inexpensive and pocket-friendly, you can create numerous stamps or edit one numerous times.Go to the online stamp maker website and click the “new stamp” button. Following this select the size and move forward with the next steps. You can either upload your own image or use any template available. You can customize the same as per your choice and download it to serve its purpose.

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Date of publication 2020-02-14