Make rubber stamp online with the best tool custom stamp maker.

To create a electronic stamp online you need:

1. Press "template" or "new stamp" button


2. Select a template and edit or create a new stamp


3. Add text and logo


4. Download the layouе by pressing "Download layout" button


5. Save your layout for later edit by pressing "floppy" button

Making a stamp and seal online is a technological process that involves several stages. The result of this process is a relief stamp (layout) or electronic stamp in diverse PNG, PDF, DOCS or SVG (vector) formats. At the first stage, the client generates a stamp layout in the designer program (MyStampReady) online. The second stage is the production of a cliché with the help of an SVG file according to the sketch of the layout (the main materials for the production of the cliché are the photopolymer and rubber). In the third stage, the cliche is attached to the rig, after which the seal is considered manufactured and can be transferred to the customer.

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