How to create a Stamp Online and use Chocolate Seal for your birthday

Custom stamp on chocolate is an original tool for adding zest to confectionery products. Create a stamp from chocolate - make impression on chocolate.

Commercial organizations order advertising and souvenir products and give them to partners, customers, and guests of an office or store. This emphasizes the respect and status of the organization and the Manager. Delicious, beautiful confectionery products made of black and white chocolate with a subtle smell of cinnamon and vanilla, with fillers made of nuts, berries, and cream will place the necessary accents in the advertising campaign and emphasize its elitism. In addition, branded chocolate is an excellent advertising medium. A delicious gift will not only be eaten with pleasure but also get acquainted with what is written on the package. Candies, chocolate letters, figurines, and logo tiles are wrapped in a beautiful wrapper containing information about the partner company.

create a stamp online In order to create a stamp sweet advertising impression, you need the seal. Seal for branding confectionery products is gaining popularity among craftsmen. Creating a custom stamp for chocolate is easy and simple! The layout (image) is drawn on the computer using a special program – the seal designer. This program can work online Usually drawing the layout on the seal designer is free. The customer creates the layout of stamps and seals himself, special artistic abilities are not necessary for this. The image can be saved to a file and stamp downloaded to a USB flash drive. You can draw any image: the company logo, letters, signatures with monograms, images of animals, birds, plants.

Сreate a stamp logo

Cliches are made of brass. Some manufacturers offer cliches made of silicone or plastic. The handle is metal or wood, including those of expensive breeds of a tree. The depth of the terrain (0.4-5 mm) depends on the complexity of the layout (iCRETmage). The simpler the drawing, the greater the depth of the engraving.

You can also choose the shape of the stamp, as a traditional-round, oval, square, and develop an individual project – in the form of a heart, folded palms, birds, grapes. You only need to remember one thing: the simpler the picture, the higher the depth of the relief, the more beautiful the impression on the chocolate will be.

In the 21st century, technology does not standstill. You can create a stamp from chocolate on the printer! Chocolate printing is a real art. 3D printing chocolate won the hearts of confectioners. This is an innovative breakthrough in food technologies, a wide scope for imagination and creativity. It allows you to implement the most daring ideas that can not be done with your hands. You can create a seal by any bas-relief image, logo, pattern, or inscription. If you pre-scanned, you can print mini copies of any item. To prepare masterpieces, you will need high-quality white or dark chocolate without fillers. The finished product can be sprinkled with nuts, decorated with raisins, waffle crumbs, cocoa powder, and flavored with spices.

Create a stamp logo in another way

Another way to create a chocolate stamp online is to apply an image using shock-transfer paper. Shock-transfer paper is covered with a special food pattern-sputtering. The drawing is transferred to the chocolate after filling it. It is best to use white chocolate for this, but dark chocolate is also used for printing. The white color is missing in the food dyes. Drawing on shock-transfer paper is applied using a special inkjet printer that works with food dyes.

After we have prepared this beautiful and delicious promotional product, it must be Packed. The packaging is an important element of an advertising campaign, it must be properly decorated. The material used is Craft paper, foil, and cardboard. One of the elements of packaging decoration can be a sealing wax seal. Usually, the production of wax seals is carried out manually. To do this, you need a seal and sealing wax.

You can create stamps and Sealing wax comes in different colors: green, blue, red, brown. Sealing wax is made from special resins and fillers. The impression is glued to the package, or hung on the cord or tape. The cord is usually made from natural materials: jute, hemp, flax. Ribbons come in different lengths and widths made of satin or silk. Both methods favorably emphasize the individuality and elitism of the packaging and label.

By creating a stamp impressions can be of different sizes, depending on the size of the product. Sometimes they are bronzed, sprinkled with bronze powder, or covered with the finest gold or silver sheets. In this case, you will get a beautiful gold or silver seal.

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Date of publication 2020-02-25