Circular Seal for Documents- it's sizes and purpose to create it

Many organizations require a circular seal for documents that conduct their business. The company has the right to use only one round-shaped seal. The rest of the seals can be only stamps. Their number is not limited, as well as the form.

Setting a circular seal on a document depends on its importance, as well as the requirements of the contractors that the organization works with. When submitting a contract or certificate of work performed, it is often necessary to place a circular seal along with the signature of the organization's head. It is for these purposes that the cliche in the form of a circle is mainly used. In this note, we will talk about its size, purpose, and manufacture.

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Clear requirements for organization seal are really difficult to find. You can find different recommendations on this issue. But in any case, the imprint must contain the full name of the company without abbreviations in Russian, as well as an indication of the location of the LLC. The company name can also be placed there. It can be applied in both Russian and foreign languages. It is also allowed to have forms and stamps with the company name and logo. You only need to remember that emblems and trademarks must be registered in a certain way, as well as other means of individual registration.

It is also worth remembering the following point. The coat of arms of Russia is placed on the seals of organizations belonging to the state apparatus, regardless of the form of ownership. These institutions have certain powers. In addition, the coat of arms can be displayed on the stamp of organizations engaged in the registration of certain civil acts. In these cases, a round seal for documents may have a coat of arms on the impression.

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Where can I order a round seal?

Now the order is available in printing firms and other companies that offer a large range of such products. They have a lot of ready-made templates that you can use to make exactly the impression that you need. At the same time, if you need something special, you can make seals of any complexity order.

circular sealYou also need to think in advance about which building the cliche will be located in. In other words, you should take care of the production of equipment or corpus. There are plastic, metal, pocket, automatic, and other types of snap-ins. Today, the most common are automatic snap-ins. They are easy to use. Most often, this option is used in offices where you need to make a large number of prints during work. There are also decorative and professional accessories that belong to a higher price category.


By the way, there are standard seal sizes approved by state standards. The value is approved at the level of legislation. The established characteristics should be reflected on the impression. Among the mandatory elements on the cliche, you can note the following.

  • Organization name.
  • The city where the company is registered.
  • Full name and patronymic for an individual entrepreneur, lawyer, or notary.
  • Coat of arms of the country (for state institutions).

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You can use lines, as well as different fonts. When making a seal, all these nuances can be specified. Experienced designers in typographic firms always suggest starting with a General layout, the diameter of which corresponds to the state standard. And already everything else is placed on this template. Additionally, a round seal for documents can have the following elements.

  • Brand name or logo.
  • Address of the organization.
  • Means of protection.

As you can see, there are small restrictions on creating cliches. Now we just need to figure out where to order a round seal for documents.

How to make a seal online

On the site, you can make a cliche layout online. You do not need special skills and knowledge in the field of design. There, you simply select a blank to seal or stamp, and then use the designer to create exactly the layout that you need. You can enter the name of the organization, city, and other necessary information yourself.

The online designer allows you to upload an image for seal, change the diameter of the circles and add the necessary text. By the way, the text size and font can also be changed. After you create a layout, you can download it in several different formats. These include the popular PNG image format, as well as the popular PDF document format.

In addition, on the site, you can order a round seal with a signature for documents based on the template you created. To do this, you do not need to come to the company, but only need to make a request online. When the order is ready, you arrive at the pick-up point and pick up the finished product. This is fast, convenient, and does not require you to spend time.

Date of publication 2020-02-27