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SVG vs PNG the experiment image quality when printing by means of the browser.

Our customers have asked us whether it is possible to print layouts of seals or stamps directly from the browser, without resorting to transitional programs. This need is due to the fact that for the manufacture of printing on the polymer (and not only in this method), simply print the layout on tracing paper (inversion of the layout) and let the work. To implement this task, there are two options: printing layouts in SVG format and PNG format. Below is an experiment with which you can analyze the quality of the final image.

Source data

Printer: hp laserjet m 1132 mfp.

Web browser:

  • Opera

  • Google Chrome

  • Firefox

  • Safari

Reference:as a reference, the image was printed using CorelDraw. The vector print image was imported into the program, and printed. It was also exported to PNG format for further tests:

Image: the round seal was created in the designer of seals and stamps, and then saved in SVG format, with dimensions of 40 by 40 millimeters. As mentioned above, the CorelDRAW program has been converted, the output we have an image in PNG format with the size of 450 by 450 pixels (in the tests the image was printed with the size of 40 by 40 millimeters).

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SVG original                                                            PNG original

Let's begin.

Four browsers were launched, in which two images were opened in turn, first in SVG format and then in PNG format.

Each browser was used a function to print the page, which makes printing items,

which are displayed in the browser. The output was obtained, printed images. The images were analyzed and photographed.

The result of SVG – in four cases, the output we got the picture quality close to the reference. A printed image is clear, no obvious aliasing or blur.



SVG original                                                                      PNG original



SVG original                                                                      PNG original

As you can see in Chrome, not 100% accurate font was printed, pay attention to the letter "R" in the word "MSR



SVG original                                                                      PNG original



SVG original                                                                         PNG original

Result PNG – in this case, in four cases, the result is the same. When printing, the image turned out to be of worse quality than the SVG version. There is a pronounced gradation, as there is a blur of boundaries.

Overall results.

Thus, the result of the experiment was the conclusion : printing images in modern browsers without loss of quality is possible, but lish when using images in SVG format.

More such stories, you can read in our blog! Develop, read, learn together with mystampready.com!


Date of publication 2019-08-07

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