Order Rubber Stamp Online for documents: How do I get one!

The conduct of commercial activities of the legal entity has often required a stamp. You can order rubber stamp online for documents today in a variety of companies. The production itself takes from several minutes up to 2 hours. Services are constantly being improved and supplemented with new features.

Now it is possible to send an order for production online. Just send the impression to the mail of the organization that is engaged in manufacturing. At the same time, you specify the office where you want to get the result, as well as the date and approximate time. Specialists will prepare the order by this time. Agree that this is very convenient.

It has become much easier to restore a lost image if you have a scan of documents or a photo. The service is called order seal online without documents. Such work is usually performed within a few hours. The only exceptions are state stamps that have a coat of arms in their image. In this case, a certificate is required to confirm the right to use it.

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Is the procedure of restoring a seal based on an impression legal?

Some people ask if it is legal to order rubber stamps for documents online without company documents. It should be noted that this is an illegal approach. After all, this way any criminal can order a seal for documents, and use it in illegal operations.

At the same time, any bona fide entrepreneur may find himself in a situation where the seal is lost. Imagine that you urgently need to draw up any documents and cannot do without them. All that remains is to restore the impression. However, in order to prevent the illegal issue of the stamp, the manufacturer must check the necessary documents with the customer.

  • In most cases, the list of documents is as follows.
  • Certificate of state registration of an individual entrepreneur or LLC.
  • Certificate from the Ministry of Internal Affairs in case of loss of the seal.
  • Client's passport.
  • Document on registration with the tax Inspectorate.
  • Creation order signed by the head of the organization.
  • Power of attorney for manufacturing, if the order is performed by a trusted person.

When ordering an impression for an individual entrepreneur, you will need an individual entrepreneur's passport and a copy of the registration certificate. The certificate can be replaced by an extract from the register. Usually, stamp manufacturers before the order a rubber stamp for documents ask the customer for a minimum set of documents. You also need a high-quality impression for better recovery. If administrative and legislative institutions are involved, they must submit the entire package of the necessary documentation. For government agencies, you can order a rubber stamp with a signature for documents only after checking the docs.

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Features of manufacturing seals without documents

As you understand from the above, the manufacturer may refuse to restore if there is a violation of the law. But there will be no unnecessary bureaucracy. Simply, the Manager will quickly check the necessary documents and accept the order of rubber stamps. Since the order can be made online, you do not have to go to the office several times.

If you are looking for a place to order stamps for documents online, then go to the website mystampready.com. Just choose the services on this resource and make an order. Now there are various designers that allow you to make your own impression directly on the customer's website. You just need to design a company rubber stamp and make the order online.

Types of snap-in

When restoring, you can order several types of equipment. Below are the main snap-in options that are offered to customers.

  • Manual. This is the most affordable option when you need to make a few prints. There is no built-in pillow. This is a good option if you need to order a seal for IP online. It will be inexpensive and practical.
  • Automatic. The model with automatic snap-in is perfect when you need to make a lot of stamps. In the office and accounting, such samples are indispensable.
  • Pocket. The model has a compact size and easily fits in a pocket or bag. It has a pillow soaked in ink. Suitable for those who often put stamps in the field of conditions.
  • VIP. Such instances are performed in a metal snap-in. In most cases, they match the size of a pocket seal but are designed to emphasize the status of the owner. Most often, they are taken with them when going to the Bank or to business meetings.

Whichever option you choose, it is always more convenient to order a seal for documents online. The development of information technologies today allows you to do this without problems. So go to the site mystampready.com, use the stamp constructor, and then make an order.

Date of publication 2020-02-09