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MyStampReady is a modern solution for business and personal use!

Our stamps designer will help to create unique products for any occasion!

A custom stamp is a must-have tool for each person, regardless of his needs. Whether you are a doctor, a boss, or a bride waiting for her special day to arrive, this little device will be useful. The amount of spheres where it can show its potential is infinite:

  • It's the most important item in any office.
  • It saves time if you need to write a return address on envelopes and optimizes the shipping process.
  • It can serve as a beautiful reminder of your Big Day.
  • It implies a professional attitude and creates an image of your company;
  • It might even promote the brand and help to boost the career. MyStampReady offers users an opportunity to design their own prints for rubber stamps. Without wasting time on finding proper designers, without waiting for templates, without checking email every hour.

Why is it better to order a layout on the website?

With the development of the Internet, good old methods became outdated and a large part of our traditions belongs to the past now. Why go to the shopping mall to buy clothes when half of the world orders everything from home? Why attend the library when e-books are available? The same is true for a custom rubber stamp! Forget about the multistage process of designing and production with MyStampReady.

With our user-friendly stamp generator you will make a custom stamp as if it's child's play: choose between the three most popular shapes, play with designs, experiment with details, add individual elements, edit, and save to come back to process later. The number of possible outcomes is truly endless.

Why choose MyStampReady?

  • all kinds of inking stamps in one place;
  • possibility to generate custom stamps 24/7;
  • website is compatible with laptops, PC, and even smartphones;
  • work on a custom stamp from any corner of the world;
  • no need to hire a designer and wait for his letters or calls;
  • get your result downloaded and use it as many times as you need.

Check our stamp templates if looking for inspiration! It contains hundreds of ready-made samples created by our users to illustrate the possibilities of the website. Artistic or official, data or address stamps, for medical or notary purposes - the choice is vast.

Not interested in creating everything from a scratch?

  • Change the template you like!
  • Our stamp editor is simple as ABC.
  • To create a rubber stamp you need: Go to

If you want to look through the previous works of other people, click on Gallery. For your convenience, we have organized all stamps into 14 groups according to their use. Click on the most suitable section and enjoy the diversity of examples.

Select a ready stamp template or create a new rubber stamp

Eager to show your artistic talent? Click on STAMP DESIGNER. The graphic editor will be right in front of you. In order to start working on your personal layout, click on the green New stamp button and select the desired shape.

We offer three popular figures:

The choice depends on your needs, local laws, and preferences. For example, stamping books or invitations is possible with tools of any shape. Official use requires following certain rules and regulations.

When selecting a shape, enter the desired size of your sketch:

  • Diameter for round stamps;
  • Side for triangle sample;
  • Width and height for a rectangular model.

Keep in mind one important thing: chosen parameters mean the size and shape of your layout, not the draw you're working with. In order to facilitate the execution of projecting stamps, custom sizes are already present.

Another option is to scroll through the templates (a green button on the upper left side of the editor) and choose the one you want to edit. All options are available for modification for free.

After selecting the shape and its size, the process of making custom stamps itself begins.

Edit the print, add text and logo

This is the most significant step of the whole construction process. With MyStampReady you are free to start editing from any part.

Our easy graphic editor allows making a custom stamp without special knowledge and pro skills in Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, or other programs. Edit and change the layout, save it in your personal account, and get back to designing whenever you want.

What options are available for users?

You can read the following information.

Playing with the inner frame.

There are multiple possibilities in this graphic editor that can help in personalizing the sketch. For instance, a familiar inner frame is always present on most items. However, you're not limited by its size, style, and even color. If necessary, add several inner frames! Change its radius, width (to make lines thinner or thicker), and line break (to create a beautiful effect).

Experimenting with text.

Add my texts as necessary. Address, company name, personal names, dates, electronic mail, short and long sentences - the choice is up to you!

There are two types of texts: around the frame (both inner and outer) and in the center. Each of them has its own features when it comes to editing. Text in the center can be shifted to any side of the template and rotated. Text around the frame might be of a different radius; it's also possible to change its spacing and starting position on the print.

Adding images.

This essential option allows for making custom stamps quickly. You can choose any suitable picture from our gallery or upload your own. Again, all available templates are divided into groups (Medicine, Food, Law, Transport, etc). The size and position of any image can be changed.

It's a very valuable tool when creating a seal with a personal sign. However, if uploading a picture from a device, check its format first. Only SVG files are suitable.


Changing color.

You are free to choose the hue of the print. Select one of the 8 standard options or create your own by playing with settings (palette, saturation, and value). Keep in mind, though, that it's ink only that defines the color of the seal's impression.

If project-making requires more effort and time than you expected (it's not surprising with the number of tools we offer), you can always save your progress by clicking on a white floppy disk. You'll get a link and can return to editing later.

Download the layout or go to checkout

When satisfied with the sketch, you may proceed to save the project on PC. MyStampReady offers downloading in 4 file formats. Depending on the area of use, you can choose between PNG, PDF, and DOCX (for electronic use) or SVG (for sending your template to production).

As a bonus, you might make a custom rubber stamp with a shabby effect. It will provide a pre-historical look to your seal.

Now, the process is complete. Use your file to order a self-inking stamp or enjoy the e-version. Don't forget to stock additional supplies, like ink for flawless impressions.

Pay attention that MyStampReady provides only layout-making services.

We are not manufacturers or producers of stamps! We are not shipping seals! We don't sell ink or other related items! After finishing working on a project, you can download the print to your device and send it to the nearest production company. Please, read our Privacy Policy before ordering and paying.

Making seals and rubber stamps is a technological process that involves several stages. The result of this process is carved stamps and seals. In the first stage, the client generates a layout in the graphic editor. The second stage is the production of a cliché according to the sketch of the layout (the main materials for the production of the cliché are photopolymer and rubber). In the third stage, the cliché is attached to the rig, after which the seal is considered manufactured and can be transferred to the customer.

Read Q&As to learn more about the process and price of making stamps.

What does the phrase rubber stamp mean?

Rubber stamp or seal is a tool that imprints an image on paper with the use of ink. Different types of these products exist address stamps, signature seals, etc. There is no limit to the information that can be added on the surface of stamps (date, names, sentences, and even images).

What is the use of rubber stamps?

Improve your brand value, finalize documents, organize paperwork, complete wedding invitations, or add a touch of personality to books you possess! The potential usage of stamps (self-inking and electronic) is endless.

How can I make my own stamps?

Creating a layout is possible with a graphic editor on The intuitive interface is simple to use. After downloading the file with a sketch, order a production of seal: made of plastic, metal, or wood.

How do I create a stamp in Word?

We offer our customers the possibility to download a special DOCX file format where they may insert their own text.

How do I make my own rubber stamps?

It's possible to make a sketch with the help of our designer and then send it to production. After getting the seal, be sure to purchase ink pads and other supplies.

How much does a rubber stamp cost?

Process is divided into two major steps: first, you make a custom stamp and download the sketch in a suitable file format; second, you find a manufacturer to make the pre-inking product itself.Production cost depends on material: on average, making an ordinary model costs $20. Elegant seals made of wood might be more expensive. Moreover, additional items are necessary: pads and ink. Check if a manufacturer offers free shipping, to avoid extra costs.

Where can I get rubber stamps?

When you have a sketch in SVG file format, contact any manufacturing company near you. Our layouts are 100% compatible with any production, regardless of country. Don't forget to purchase ink for a high-quality impression.MyStampReady has dedicated customer service. Be sure to contact us if you face any problems with the editor or payment, or can't download or save the result.Have a great time creating!

How can  I generate a round-shaped company stamp online?

Creating a company stamp online is quite easy and simple. You are just three clicks away from generating a creative round stamp that’s the most suitable for you.First, choose any template that best fits your requirements and enter the required details that you need to showcase on your stamp.Pick the size and color for the stamp and set the stroke width and radius as per your choice. To customize the alignment of the text, reset the spacing, text font, color, and size if required. At last, click on download and your stamp is ready to be used.

What steps are involved in carving an online company stamp or seal instantly?

The process of carving or creating an online company stamp or seal is quick, smooth, and effortless. To generate one, you need to visit and follow the below steps:
  • STEP - 1: Click on “New Stamp + and select the shape and diameter for your stamp. You can also regulate the radius size and stroke width for each frame.
  • STEP - 2: Enter the texts you want to place in and around the shape in any format by choosing the particular frame. You can even customize its color, font, alignment, positioning, and size.
  • STEP - 3: Select an image from the existing ones or upload your own image/logo in SVG format.
  • STEP- 4: You can even use the best use of elements provided at the top to set a unique layout for your done.
  • STEP - 5: Click on download and serve its purpose.

Can I customize the online stamp once made?

No, you cannot customize the online stamp several times after you have downloaded it. When you create a stamp online, you can edit or remake it. To modify a stamp that has already been made, contact the administration. You can change the style and layout as well as rephrase the content as you wish only once. After editing, click on the 'Upload' button.

Which site is the most trusted for affordable online stamp makers?

Although you can find numerous websites or third parties that can help you create a stamp design. But is the most used website by professionals as well as non-professionals regardless of their industries as it provides free access to design seals and stamps. You can even install the tool for your own website to provide facilities to customers to create their own design hassle-free with multiple functionalities.

Can I design my stamp in a triangle shape through a custom stamp maker available online?

Yes, of course, you can. In fact, you can select any shape amongst circles, rectangles, and triangles.  You can also edit the outer frame and layout yourself without complexities and without hiring a designer.

How can I download my customized stamp in PDF or DOCX format?

Whenever you create a design, you get the option to download the same in four formats. You can choose any or all of them to download your online stamp.
  • PDF (Portable Document Format);
  • DOCX (Document Extended);
  • PNG (Portable Network Graphics);
  • SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics).

Does the online tool for creating a custom stamp or seal leave a watermark?

No, My Stamp Ready doesn’t leave their organization’s watermarks in your design. If that would have been the case, the stamp will not serve the purpose of your company or organization. However, you create a custom watermark, in case required.If you face any difficulties, reach out to orWhatsApp +4915792388838.

Can I create the stamp through my smartphone?

To create an online custom stamp, you just need access to the internet. No matter, if you are using your tab, PC, or smartphone every smart digital device is compatible to provide the service of an online stamp maker tool.

Is the cost of creating an online stamp more expensive than going for offline services?

Digitization has made things easy for us. We don’t just make the best use of the latest technology but we also make cost-effective use of it. Creating an online stamp, signature, or seal for your company or for any personal use is way more inexpensive than opting for offline service.When you choose to create online, you do it all yourself! You get the benefit of editing it multiple times. Additionally, if you calculate the costs below, you’ll know why online mode is more prioritized, the reason why we do online shopping more today.
  • You save money on traveling;
  • You save time;
  • You get 24X7 support from the team;
  • You get   multiple edits and a customization option;
  • You get multiple format download options.

Is it possible to create a rubber ink effect in Word?

Yes, it is possible to create a rubber ink effect in Word. You need to select the text or the object for which you need to create the rubber ink effect.Insert Image - Click WordArt -Insert Text & Effect - Click Quick Parts; Save - Type the Name for Stamp - Select category; Add a description  - Click OK and proceedYou can use an ink effect in Word to simulate the rubber stamp effect you normally get on paper by stamping a document. This is done by changing the appearance of your text so it looks like it's been stamped with ink.