Features of the Triangular Stamp

Unusual for many printing triangular stamps shapes, in fact, have a fairly wide range of applications in the office of various organizations. For example – medical institutions, post offices, industrial organizations, as well as any other, prefer a triangular print on their documents.

The meaning of the triangle stamp on the mystical side

triangular stampIn ancient times, when seals were used much less frequently, and symbols were given special importance, triangular printing was perceived as mystical. The triangle was proclaimed by Pythagoras as the first of the geometric figures and recognized as the most mysterious of them. And in the mysterious East, the triangle was used as a religious sign. In addition, the way the triangle is arranged was of great importance. If the top up – it symbolized the male element, and with it – the divine fire. The top, directed downwards, spoke of the female element and denoted the element of water.

Two equilateral triangles superimposed on each other form the star of David. This symbol was located on the signet ring, which belonged to King Solomon. It was thought that the ring made him the master of all spirits and allows us to understand the language of animals.

From mysticism to everyday life.

It is difficult to imagine that the usual print made by means of photopolymer technology will give you the power over spirits, but correctly issued documents certified by it can considerably facilitate your life.

The manufacture of such seals uses clichés right triangle, the length of the sides of which is about 40-45 millimeters. The method of manufacturing can be any – both inexpensive and easy to produce a method of photopolymer printing, and a more complex method of laser engraving, providing a higher print resolution and increasing the service life of the print.

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The standard stamp layout contains a set of the following elements:

  • circuits;
  • the required image;
  • text.

There are different contours, including safety. Also, the contours can be single, double, internal, and external. Graphic drawing – is a significant symbol of the organization (logo), and the text conveys basic information. To protect against forgery, the image is often shifted from the center.

As for the text, it can be placed both horizontally and at an angle of 60° on triangular seals, and the inscriptions can be applied in fonts of different sizes. As a rule, if the print has a triangular shape, the main text is located on its perimeter. In the center often placed an inscription explaining the purpose of the stamp. Thus, according to the new requirements, the triangular printing of the polyclinic intended for registration of sick leaves must be written: "For sheets of disability".

Medical triangular rubber stamp – the most popular product.

The medical triangular press differs from the stamping products used in the organizations of other type the sizes and the put information, in particular, the diameter of the medical press can make from 24 to 30 mm while the diameter of usual seals has to make not less than 38 mm. At its production of the medical press, the following data are put on the product: - full name of the organization (hospital or clinic); - the main number of state registration and the place of registration.

If desired, medical seal triangular shape may contain the logo of the institution. Their image most often contains a snake with a bowl or across. You can create stamps online with our stamp designer.

Snap-in used triangular stamp

Triangular printing is an easy-to-use product. They do not require special tooling like round documentary prints. Mainly for storage and practical use, hand-applied multi-colored metal or plastic snap. If there is a need for frequent and rapid use of triangular printing – use automatic plastic tooling, but it all depends on Your desires and their practical implementation.

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Date of publication 2019-09-03