Company Seal production for Entrepreneurs using the Online Stamp Designer

Many beginners individual entrepreneurs (IE) are often tormented by the question of whether they need a company seal to do business. And if needed, what should it be? Requirements? Where to make the necessary cliches? In this article, we will try to understand these issues. Consider the legislative requirements to the company seals, and give tips on how to quickly and easily order a company seal for entrepreneurs with minimal investment of time and money.

What did the law say?

company sealSo, you first need to sort out whether you need a company seal for carrying out the economic activities of an individual entrepreneur? That part of the legislation that regulates the activity of the PI, does not contain a requirement that the stamp. Although in some regulations, there are requirements that require certification using company seals of certain documents in the implementation of activities. For example, there are situations when the calculations involved Bankcard. In this case, the documents the PI must contain the name and position of the supervising person, a personal signature, and a seal.

There are also regulations, which describe the requirements of accounting forms of documentation. Sheets in a workbook must have a number, they should be pressured what and sign IP. In addition, by far is the requirement for the seal. Opinion about the fact that private entrepreneurs will not be able to participate in public procurement and to issue working books without company seal, in fact, wrong.

company seal

What we can conclude from the above? The formal requirement to have a company seal for the individual entrepreneur in the Russian legislation is not fixed. But in practice, there are a number of situations when it is required. This is especially true of registration of cash receipt and number of documents of the strict reporting. It turns out that the use of company seal in activities of IP is a right, not an obligation.

However, it is worth noting that the cost of a company seal for the PI usually does not exceed a thousand rubles. So in financial terms, there are no special obstacles to the seal. So, it is better to do it. It will be useful in the certification of a number of similar documents, as well as give solidity of the documents that are signed with partners and clients.

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What are the different types of company seals for PI

The practice of the circulation of documents in business has developed. According to her, the PI can use round, rectangular, and triangular seals and stamps. Yes, 2015 in the implementation of the activities of SP required to use a cliché round shape. At the time of this writing, this requirement no longer exists and the shape of the imprint can be any. However, a round seal is better perceived, and that it is a representation of the company or individual entrepreneur on the documents.

company seal designMost often, if you order the product, it offers a very round shape. seals in the form of a square, rectangle, and triangle are usually used for internal document management. As for the color of the stamp, the most used is monochrome blue ink. But nothing forbids to put any other color.

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How better to make a company stamp?

The most modern, rapid, and convenient variant of company seals is the use of the service MyStampReady. It combines online designer models and tools for the order. With this online designer, you can create your own stamp layout without any special skills. There are a lot of different templates among which you will definitely find what you need.

You only need to enter information. In most cases, it is the name, registration number FE and the city. You can upload an image, change font type, color, and so on. All this you can create with the online designer which automatically changes the layout to suit your requirements.

stamp maker onlineAs a result, if you don't intend to make an order, you can save and download it. The resulting electronic imprint you can then use to add to the various documents statements. For example, when you send them to the tax. Or in cases when it is necessary to conclude a contract online. If you have a reprint in electronic form, you do not need to carry the seal with you.

If you intend to order the company seal, then choose the service MyStampReady your city and find there the artist which will make you a cliche. Everything is simple and intuitive. The whole process takes minimum time and you get a great result with minimal effort.

Date of publication 2020-03-30