How to put on your website a designer of Stamps and Seals for free

Few manufacturers of seals and stamps know that it is possible to put absolutely free on your site the designer of seals and stamps, development of which if you do it individually for yourself is not small money. After all, the seal designer allows customers to create a stamp layout by themselves, which in turn attracts additional customers. After all, drawing a print layout in photoshop is not such an easy task, and using the designer is simple and at least interesting. Now you know that you can create and layout of stamp or seal by yourself. I will tell you how to put the designer on your site absolutely free.

Go to the website on the top you can see

"for the manufacturer" click on " Collaboration "

pass easy registration

go to " Personal cabinet"

Then in your account, you can see the menu on the left

"Orders" It's ordered that customers have drawn you can make them immediately from your personal account

"Templates" You can create your own templates that only your customers from your site will see them

"Images" You can add your own logos that can be used by your customers

"Snap-in" you are adding snap-ins and their prices that you offer to your customers, after the customer made a mock snap he chooses for himself

"Profile" Here you specify your data in order that the client could see you on the map of manufacturers if he did not go through your site, as well as the price for the production of cliches. Top 3 tabs first your contacts, second price, third, you specify the mail where the order has duplicated the client with its layout in SVG vector, contact data, and selected snap-in.

"Widget" Here we have reached the main point for which I am writing this article. In the "Widget" tab there are 2 options to install the designer on your site.

1 Is to set a Frame as a constructor

you see the code for this

2 is to set the button that when you click on it displays the designer on the screen.

You see a different code for this

In order to add a stamp designer , you will need data from your hosting and minimum knowledge of how to add code to your site, if you do not understand what is at stake, contact the one who developed your site. For him to install the designer will be done within 5 minutes. You can also watch a short video of how to do it in your account. You only need to open the file on the index hosting.php and add the constructor script. Paste the widget code anywhere on your website page (eg <div>....the <script>....</div>). And voila on your site already has a designer of seals and stamps .

After that, your customers will be able to create a stamp/seal already on your website.

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Date of publication 2019-09-06