The human body as a canvas and custom stamp convenience

Stamps and seals are found in our lives at every step: in office work, in advertising, in the form of entertainment — you can order customized stamp online for all these purposes. And, of course, the scope of their application is constantly expanding. How do you, for example, the idea of placing prints on the human body?custom stamp when a print is made on the body

The main advantage of using a custom stamp when a print is made on the body is that it takes much less time than the body art traditionally used in such cases. And, of course, in many cases, it is more profitable than a tattoo that remains forever.

Never lose rubber custom stamp

The parents of a restless child know what a big problem it is to keep track of him, if he has already learned to walk fast, but does not yet know how to talk. Only you were distracted for a minute to pay at the checkout of the supermarket, the baby is already outside the store, and who knows where to look for him now!

There are many ways to prevent the loss of a child, ranging from bracelets engraved with their address and phone number and ending with a rather bulky design from the series "leash for the child." But such methods are not necessary, as there is quite a cheap and simple solution: make an online stamp, which returns address is affixed to the child's hand and contain your phone number.

Face-control Seals

stamp for disco on the bodyAnother common case where the seal is placed on the face-control at the entrance to a disco or club. In fact, than to spend money on some bracelets, which can even be stolen, it is easier to make an online stamp and put an inked stamp on the visitor hand who paid for the entrance.

The club, or disco custom stamp, as they are called, usually contain fluorescent paint that glows under ultraviolet rays, but they can be ordinary. A visitor going out for a smoke break or a breath of fresh air when re-entering shows a custom stamp, and he is admitted.

Forgery disco custom stamps are quite a time-consuming process, which is unlikely to be contacted by a passer-by who wished to go to the event without a ticket, pretending to come out "for a minute»


Sports fans also do not stay away. Seals with team symbols occupy a significant place in the collection of fans. It is quite common to affix a custom seal on the hands, shoulders, and face during football, hockey, and other sports competitions.

In such a cheap way sports fans Express support for their team, as well as show "identification marks" to distinguish their own from others.

The body as an advertising medium

stamp on the bodyThe main point of application stamps to the human body, of course, was advertising. A very common service of placing advertising materials on the human body usually involves a temporary tattoo. But you can reduce the cost of advertising on the body in a way that you probably already guessed.

You are a right-of course, buy a rubber custom stamp with the details of the advertiser. The cost of the rubber does not exceed a few dollars, and prints with one stamp pad can be done on average then dollars. Put in the right place the imprint with the details of your company will definitely expand the reach of the advertising audience.

All seals and stamps you can buy by manufacturers. And if you do not want to pay the extra money, we have a stamp maker online with which you can make an online stamp. Even if you do not have special skills of working with design programs like coral draw, you can make an online stamp and create a professional-looking sketch, and you can download your layout stamp/seal in PNG, PDF, and SVG(vector) format. We have available payment by PayPal and cards, so that the older you get, almost without getting up from the table.

Date of publication 2019-10-05