Design your own Stamp easily with the Best Tool

When you order a custom branded stamp, you get to enjoy years of functionality with a single purchase. Seals are durable as they are made of rubber, so it is essential to design your own stamp correctly. You need to make sure to include all the important details in the stamp to get the perfect piece for your business.

design your own stampcustom stamp designet with the stamp maker tool

Can you design your stamp?

Yes, you can design your own seal. To help you create your stamp here are the necessary steps that you need to follow:

Choose the right stamp type

Vendors offer a wide range of stamps in different styles and sizes. The different types of stamps include rubber stamps, common seals, date stamps, and pre-inked stamps. Make sure that the stamps are made from durable material.

Choose the design

Once you decide on the stamp type, the next step is choosing the design and the details to include in the stamp, like your brand name, logo, image, address, etc. The design and details depend on the function of the stamp. If it is for office purposes, we suggest keeping it simple in design. If it’s for branding purposes, you need to include your brand name and logo.

Choose the Content

The content includes any graphics or texts you want to have in your stamp, such as Company address, Contact numbers, Company registration number, Email address, etc.

Design a Stamp

Once you have chosen the design and the content to be included in your rubber stamp, the next logical step is to get it designed. You can do it by yourself if you have designing software and a knack for designing. But if you want to take the easy route, we would recommend a graphic designer to save time and effort. The rule of the thumb is to keep your design clean, precise, and simple; detailed designs and photos don’t do well in stamps. For a better outcome, keep it basic. Also, make sure that the file is high resolution and preferably in pdf or jpeg format.

Preview, Confirm, and Order

The title is self-explanatory. When you preview the design, make sure it contains all the details you want and is error-free. Check for spelling mistakes and any other flaws because once you confirm, you can’t go back. If you are content with the preview, all you need to do is place the order and wait to receive the package.

How much is a custom stamp?

The cost of a rubber stamp depends on its size, type, and style. The bigger sizes and the fancier styles cost more than the traditional ones. For the basic small-sized rubber stamps, the prices begin from around $20. But depending on the quantity of the order, the costs will fluctuate.

What is the designing stamp made of?

The raw materials used for making rubber stamps include latex rubber, wood (to mount the rubber block), adhesive padding that binds the rubber, and the wooden block and labels.

Where can I make a custom stamp?

You can get custom stamps from any stationery shop, or you can order them by online service. One of the advantages of ordering them online is that you can compare prices with different online vendors and get the best deals.

Stamps give any business its first identity. It plays a crucial role in creating the first impression during official communication. Also, stamps convey the authenticity of your company, which will attract more prospects to your business. We offer premium quality custom stamps at the best prices. Check our designs and order today.

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Date of publication 2021-02-17