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Company seal production for entrepreneurs using the online designer
Many beginners individual entrepreneurs (IE) are often tormented by the question of whether they need a company seal to do business. And if needed, what should it be? Requirements? Where to make the necessary cliches? In this article, we will try to understand these issues. Consider the legislative requirements ...

Date of publication 2020-03-30

Circular seal for documents it's sizes and purpose create it
Many organizations require a circular seal for documents that conduct their business. The company has the right to use only one round-shaped seal. The rest of the seals can be only stamps. Their number is not limited, as well as the form. Setting a circular seal on a document depends on ...

Date of publication 2020-02-27

Make a stamp online and start your own business part 2
Do you want to start your own business? You definitely need to make a stamp. All serious documents in the organization are confirmed by a seal. Seals are made of various materials. Modern materials for manufacturing are polymers and rubber. The seal confirms the authenticity of documents or various agreements ...

Date of publication 2020-02-07

Illegal funny pictures or stamps of the underworld
White and brownish rectangular briquettes are scattered on the garage floor. The impression of Bob's Sponge on them could have been mistaken for baby soap, but only from a distance. Downloading print with SpongeBob can be anyone, but for the use of this print, you can wait for ...

Date of publication 2019-08-22