How can I install an online stamp maker on my website

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It's very simple! If you want your customers to be able to create their own design of seals or stamps (using numerous templates, graphic elements, or adding their own), the production of which they will also order from you, then you can use our designer for free.

By installing our online stamp maker you will not need the services of a designer since with our stamp maker anyone can be a designer in just a few minutes.

You can do this through your personal account by placing a special code, which is located in the "widget" tab. If you suddenly have any questions, our specialists will be happy to advise and help you.

We would like to note that keeps up with the times and allows you to use the online designer of seals and stamps not only from desktop computers but also through the mobile version on any available device.

How does the customer make an order from you?

The client independently creates a seal/stamp layout using an online -  designer of seals and stamps, then proceeds to the next order. When registering, the client specifies their name, email address, and mobile phone number. In addition, it selects the snap-in for future seal or stamp, from those that you offer as a manufacturer, placing them on the appropriate tab in your personal account.

This way, as a manufacturer, you get all the information about the order, the seal layout in vector format (SVG file) to your email. Additionally, all orders are duplicated in your personal account, which, if necessary, allows you to edit existing layouts, print out seal/stamp sketches, or repeat the order.

What other features the online stamp maker provides?

As a manufacturer, you can add your own templates of seals and stamps that will only be visible to your customers on your site. This function is convenient for making identical or exclusive seals that are made by your company.

In addition to templates, you can add your own graphics that will be used by your clients in the future. What does this mean? Using the designer completely replaces the numerous image editors that you used to make seals with. Now you can only use the constructor, its functionality is enough to create and produce any seals and stamps.

When you log in to your personal account, you can set a minimum or fixed price for the cliche. At the same time, if the customer chooses a larger cliche size than the standard one when placing an order, the production price increases automatically.

How do I start using the stamp generator on my site?

First step: register on the site, by clicking the Personal account button at the bottom of the main page of the site.

Step two: log in to your personal account

Step three: click on the "widget" tab. This tab contains a unique frame code that you need to add to your site.

Step four: Take numerous orders and make seals at your own price.

How much does it cost to use the online seal and stamp designer

You won't believe it, but we don't charge any money for using our service. All the main functions are completely free of charge. Would you agree that it's tempting? You get an excellent online service, technical support, in case of any questions, without paying a single dollar.

The only thing that is subject to payment is additional functions that can be performed by our programmers at your request. These include:

Examples of sites that have installed our tool:

We can make changes to the widget:

- Change the widget color-100$.

- Change the widget button (text, your logo) – 100$.

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