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    Despite the fact that we live in a world of electronic technology, when any letter or message is sent in one click, for many to write or send letters by hand is still an interesting and exciting thing. For all lovers of handwritten letters created for, called Mail Art - the art of sending messages through the mail..

    Mail art is a new kind of art, where works of art are sent in postal messages. The current was founded by American artist, designer, visual poet Roy Johnson (1927 — 1995), who liked to share his collages with friends through correspondence.

    By mail art is understood - the exchange of ideological and artistic thoughts of any genre through the mail.

    The postal service tolerates this trend, as there is always an official stamp and seal on the message.

    Mail for them is just a way of communication for the transfer and distribution of their works. These works of art are expressed in collages, drawings, engravings, paintings, photographs, sculptures, screen printing, photocopies.
    typ of stamps
    Types of Mail-art direction

    • Mail art on the envelope - any fancy decorations by means of stamps and seals. Artists leave their collages and drawings on envelopes.

    • Another popular type - alternative philately, in which stamps are made in various techniques directly by the artist, or printed in the printing house.

    • A postcard means a postcard, a photo, a self-made drawing made by the author in any genre.

    • Postcard in the style of hand-made - a unique author's project.

    • In the form of banknotes - cash equivalent, executed by the artist.

    • Book edition printed by the author through copying technique.

    • Book art –author's book.

    • Drawing as text or Vice versa.


    They serve as decorations for envelopes in the style of mail art. The main idea of creating these stamps is to parody the bureaucratic language. Order printing online or buy a ready-made print you can on our stamps online website, also our blog about seals and stamps contains a lot of useful information about the mail art flow.

    The first to apply such stamps German Dadaist Kurt Schwitters and Russian futurists Olga Rozanova and Alexei Twisted in the last century.

    stamp example Many exhibitions are devoted to rubber seals, for example, in Paris in 1995 was opened at the Museum of mail, in Chicago in 2003 at the Art Institute. Each fan of mail art has a certain set of stamps, among them are very common cut seals made by the author with the help of an eraser. You can create a seal or stamp yourself on the basis of a ready-made template in our free designer of seals and stamps.

    Many fans of mail art can boast of their collections of seals. Many of them work professionally in this direction, having their own printing patterns.

    The current brought together countless enthusiasts and like-minded mail art for mutual enrichment of thoughts and ideas.

    For style are typified by rules:

    stamp1.The shipment must be a postage stamp. The postal service not only delivers the letter to the addressee, but also serves as a courier, contributing to the dissemination of the author's idea.

    2.Participants are not selected;

    3.Sent messages are not returned

    4.The work has a specific addressee, or for public viewing.

    Mail art is an art for everyone, the movement is already popular all over the world. His dissertations, exhibitions and festivals are devoted to him. In our country, this new art form, but already has a lot of fans

    Date of publication 2019-08-27