Programs used for the manufacture of seals and stamps.

We continue our series of articles about non-traditional use of items such as seals and stamps, and in this article we will tell you how they can be used to promote your company.

A special program for the manufacture of seals is needed to develop a layout that is customized to the requirements and desires of the customer. These programs include - CorelDRAW and Adobe Illustrator. Due to their functionality, special attention is paid to the subtleties that require drawing and accuracy of the elements.This is much more difficult to display manually than on a computer. After all, as a rule, the programs used contain many templates. Perhaps the advantage of these programs is that they are not designed specifically for the needs of the manufacture of stamps, they can be used for other purposes. But the use requires special knowledge in the field of design and editing, so you will have to ask for help from specialists who will draw the design you need with all the features and details.

When creating seals and stamps, computer programs are used to execute the image that will be on the print work surface.

The most common program that appeared in the world of software is called "Stamp" (it should be noted that there are other similar programs, such as: Stampmaker, PECHAT 0.9, SEAL WIN and others). You can download it on the Internet, without incurring any cash costs. This program is a virtual process of making seals and stamps. Creation does not require special forces and occurs in 3 stages:

  1. Select the layout for the stamp.
  2. Create a label (color and size selection).
  3. Save the layout and send it to the email of the organization, which will print according to the specified template.

Seals and stamps with a classic appearance, easily and quickly made in this program.

Advantage of using:

  1. You do not need to be a designer to make the template you need.
  2. Don't need to know the Standards of the seals (they are included in the templates and stencils).
  3. It is easy to send the layout to the manufacturer.

Despite a number of advantages, the program has its drawbacks:

  1. To work, you need to download and install on your computer, which will take some time and will not allow you to instantly get started.
  2. It is not possible to integrate into a graphic file. If printing will require some improvements that can not be done in this program, the only thing you can use - photoshop.
  3. Moreover, these programs exist for a long time and were not updated at first. Therefore, many templates do not meet the current requirements.

Online stamp image maker

As simple as possible, convenient, without the hassle and waste of time, you can create a print online! For this offer to enjoy free designer Mystampready to develop models of seals and stamps. You can also choose the desired template, select the desired size, shape and font in the online version. The variety and relevance of information allows you to create the desired design without much effort. After editing the template, you can download the print layout in png or svg formats.

The constructor provides an opportunity to:

  1. choose a manufacturer that will meet your price requirements and proximity;
  2. to make the press in any point of Russia;
  3. to place an order without passing any additional registration;
  4. use a non-cash payment method.

Everything is fast, easy and in one place! No need to download additional software or understand the editors. Just go to the desired tab and create a print that will meet all your requirements!

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Date of publication 2019-08-08