Possible future of Seals and Rubber Stamps in our life

In connection with recent events concerning the coronavirus epidemic, there are increasing calls for universal vaccination of people. It would seem a natural step in such a situation, but there are those who warn against such actions. What we can do if seals and rubber stamp coming into our lives in the future. There are people who say that under the cover of the virus, the rulers of the world are trying to chip the population of the planet. This is done to take them under complete control. It is difficult to say whether this is true or not, but now we will talk a little about something else.

After all, chipping is already carried out for those who agree to it voluntarily. In particular, there are people in different countries who agreed to the introduction of special chips under the skin on the wrist. In particular, they may contain information about the Bank account. Thanks to this, a person can pay in stores, various salons, transport, and so on. This is done in the same way as paying with a Bankcard. Only instead of a map, you will bring your wrist to the scanner.

Now let's dream a little. After all, technology has already moved far ahead and allows you to do various interesting things with the help of lasers. So why not embed some kind of light radiation into these chips? Then the person will be able to remotely put the seal. And this impression will always be with him. Or you may not need a laser at all, and printing will be done wirelessly. This is also a likely scenario.

Moreover, such seals can only be used by a strictly limited number of people. You can't lose such an impression, and it won't be stolen from you. Naturally, with visible advantages, there are also disadvantages. If the attackers can't steal, then there will be craftsmen who can hack, replace the signal, or come up with something else.

In General, this idea is not new. After all, there have long been special digital signatures on flash drives. They are most often used for working with Bank accounts in organizations. For example, one of these keys is held by the head of the organization, and the other by the accountant. When you need to perform any operations with the current account, everyone uses their own key. All this is reflected in the account where you work with the Bank account. In this way, you can always use the digital signature to determine who, when, and what operations were performed with the account.

All the same is possible with regard to digital seals and rubber stamps, which will be sewn into the chip on the person's wrist. This will be an individual rubber stamp that can be used to track all operations that were performed using it. And if you need to create different digital signatures, then you can simply program the chips from different people in accordance with the original settings. Let's say that some programmers can be used for this purpose. The process might look something like this. We created a digital impression, and then simply uploaded it to a chip that is located under the human skin. And then they use it as a normal seal.

If the impression is in digital form, it can be used with almost any gadgets and equipment. You can sign electronic documents that are sent to business partners or customers. Those who print will be displayed on digital devices in graphic form. After all, the graphics themselves can also be easily converted to a number. This rubber stamp will be easy to store, reproduce, and protect.

Between different devices, the seal can be transmitted wirelessly in an encrypted form. Or some secure Protocols can be used for this purpose. All this already exists in one form or another today. Therefore, such digital optical stamp stamps are a question of the near future. Of course, not everyone will agree to sew a similar chip. However, enthusiasts in this matter, I think, should appear very soon.

However, while this is not the case, you can use the service of creating seals online. There is a great service for this mystampready.com, where you can create a seal yourself. You don't need any special skills to work with graphics. If you have an image with the company's logo, you can upload it to the service and build an impression based on it.

The service has all the necessary tools to apply labels, format them, change the color, and so on. Once the stamp is ready, you can download it and save it on your computer. Or you can immediately send it for production to various artists in the country. After your order is ready, you will only need to come and pick it up.

Date of publication 2020-06-24