MyStampReady allows you to quickly make Stamps and Seals in any City

stamps and seal with stamp maker createdToday, various commercial organizations, state institutions, and individual entrepreneurs need stamps and seals. In addition, they are used in their activities by medical professionals and notaries. It is often a serious problem to quickly order and produce a print.

You need to navigate the area and find a company that offers the production of stamps and seals. After that, you need to go there, discuss everything with specialists, choose a layout, and order production. I mean, we'll have to wait. And if there is a queue, you may have to wait a long time and come again. This is why we developed such a solution as the MyStampReady online constructor. In this article, we will talk about using this online designer to create an order in any city.

The requirements of the legislation

Here we should say a few words about the current legal requirements for seals. In accordance with Federal laws, legal entities on the territory of the Russian Federation must have a round seal. The cliche must contain the name of the company in Russian, as well as the address of this company. All companies registered in the Russian Federation can have letterheads and stamps with the company name. They may also have trademarks and other means of individualization.

At the same time, the law does not regulate the font size, the possibility of abbreviating the company name, the need to specify an INN or registration number. These and a number of other common issues are not regulated by Federal law. As a result, these nuances are left to the discretion of those contractors who will order seals or stamps for themselves. As well as at the discretion of manufacturing companies that offer the manufacture of stamps and seals.

Simple and reliable way out of the situation

stamp and seals by MyStampReady createdTo work around all the problems outlined above, you can use the online designer MyStampReady. This is an online layout designer for creating stamps and seals. The tool is an online graphic editor. It is available to you from any city when you connect to the Internet. Using the offered functionality, you can create any layout. And then you can use it to make cliches for the seal.

The service has a large selection of ready-made templates that you can use to quickly and easily make a stamp layout. It is possible to create a layout for the company seal, notary, doctor, and so on. The constructor allows you to create a template for future cliches of square, triangular, rectangular, or round shapes.

You don't need any special skills to work in an online editor. You don't need photoshop or Coreldraw skills here. In principle, you will not draw anything yourself. You just specify the text that should be on the impression, as well as enter the dimensions, font size, type, and color. The program will do everything else for you.

The online stamp designer also allows you to select a snap-in that certain parameters will depend on. After making the layout, you can place an order. To do this, click the order manufacturing button. After that, you choose the city where you are located. Then find the company closest to you that provides such services. And directly in the online mode, you submit an application for the production of stamps and seals.

As a result, you will not have to spend time traveling to the offices of various companies. In addition, you do not need to dig the Internet in search of the right manufacturer. You should just throw off the self-made layout and submit a request to the nearest company. You will not need to make any agreements about the sketch drawn in the constructor.

If you are in a hurry and need a seal urgently, then choose accelerated production of stamps and seals to order. In this case, you will be able to get the seal on your hands within about an hour. I agree that this is an advanced and modern option in our dynamic life. If earlier a similar operation could take several days, now it will take several hours. It's time to put aside doubts and use the online designer MyStampReady service.

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Date of publication 2020-04-27