Stamps as a tool of Guerrilla Marketing

The process of promotion in the market of goods or services requires a creative approach and financial costs. The use of an advertising stamp can make a variety of marketing campaign and save a lot of money. Modern technologies allow us to produce stamps and print online, you can easily do it yourself with the help of free designer of seals and stamps. This saves such a valuable resource as time.

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Examples of using impressions in viral marketing:

In America and Europe experiments with stamping have been carried out for a long time and successfully. German advertisers from Scholz/Friends to promote tattoo Studio services "All Style Tattoo" replaced the entrance tickets for an interactive paperweight with a print of the logo. The print looked like a real tattoo. As a result of the event, the number of customers increased by 160%, and two months later the Studio had orders for the whole quarter ahead.

A classic example of guerrilla marketing is the creativity of the Swedish advertising Agency VOLT. Resourceful marketers with the help of a giant specially made form stamped on the snow prints with graphic information about cheap flights to Dubai. Weather conditions of the Northern country and the announced action played a role. Sales of plane tickets have doubled.

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Advantages of using stamps as advertising media:

Almost any surface can be stamped with advertising slogans. Postcards, calendars, fabrics, mirrors, room walls, doors and more.

Advantages :

  • low cost;
  • versatile and easy to use;
  • audience loyalty;
  • complete freedom for creativity;
  • efficiency;
  • availability.

Technical point:

Production of seals for advertising purposes has production specifics. The shape and size of the product, as a rule, are atypical and depend on the purpose and task to be solved by the customer. Drawing on a cliché also does not have certain standards. It can be an elegant font composition, an image of an object, a brand name or a plain text containing specific information. Tooling for this kind of products is often manual. The cost of the product is determined based on the cost of consumables and the area of the print cliché.

Quickly online stamp image maker free for your goals and objectives, you can not leave home. To do this, it is enough to accurately determine the type of product and open the site page with our designer of seals and stamps.

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Types of advertising stamps:

By purpose and purpose advertising stamps can be classified into several groups:

  • stamp Souvenirs for events and events;
  • corporate stamps for customer interaction;
  • stamps with a QR code that contains contact information;
  • non-standard printing for printing on natural surfaces (autumn leaves, pebbles, bark).

Stamps as a method of branding:

The ability of stamps to fix prints firmly and quickly on a variety of surfaces is also used for branding representative products. The scale of their application is well demonstrated for the personalization of craft packages. For this purpose, one large stamp with the logo of the enterprise or several phrases expressing the mission of the organization is developed. The relevance of these activities is typical during the short - term one-time actions. This way of branding is memorable and cost-effective.

Craft packages with branded prints – the best solution for microenterprises, and for large business systems. After all, this way you can not only visually represent the company, but also to work on the promotion and dissemination of the idea.

Date of publication 2019-08-25