Is Corporate Seal necessary

Since ancient times, corporate seals have been in use. Due to illiteracy, previously, people used different types of seal to authenticate important documents. They even made their own seals by using wax. With this wax seal, they could make impressions on paper. However, nowadays, there are many corporate seal making companies that can create different types of seals as per their customers’ preferences and needs. 

Modern companies or organizations use various types of stamps to imprint or emboss a company’s legal information on a document. You can make your own seal or even create a seal online with the help of many online seal designers. Also, you can buy one from a stationary store or an office supply vendor.

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What is a corporate seal?

The corporate seal, also known as a company seal, is a tool that is used to imprint or emboss your company’s crucial documents to show that the document is certified and agreed upon by the Board of Directors of the company.

You can think of the corporate seal as your company’s official signature because this kind of seal contains the name of the company, the state in which it was filed, and its year of incorporation. These corporate seals, which are used to legalize your company documents, are usually available in two variations, such as:
  1. An inked stamp
  2. An embosser stamp
The key difference between these two kinds of corporate seals is the embosser leaves a 3-D impression on paper. Both of these corporate seals must include all the important details of your corporation. When you sign any legal documents, the stamp needs to be impressed near the signature, which will authenticate it. Hence, corporate seals are very important when it comes to working with the legal papers of a company.

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Is a corporate seal necessary?

In many states, the use of company seals is not mandatory. However, still, seals have important legal uses. A corporate seal can validate a paper or even an agreement by imprinting your company’s name permanently and also several other details. There are two important reasons why a corporate seal is essential and why your company must have one.
  • A corporate seal is convenient for members
In order to operate a company properly, several officials are needed. To validate any document, they have to add their signature. Using a company or corporate seal, along with the signature, will prevent malpractices and fraud.

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  • A corporate seal authenticates a paper
Since a corporate seal can imprint the name and jurisdiction of your company on incorporation, it can validate the documents. So, you don’t need to be worried if the papers ever come into question. Company seals or corporate seals are a mark of the identity and authenticity of your company.

So, you should make your own seal or make a seal stamp with the help of a reliable corporate seal maker, like My Stamp Ready.

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What is the use of a corporate seal?

You can make use of a corporate seal to authenticate or mark all types of official documents. A corporate seal can be used while signing contracts and deeds, issuing certificates, and meetings. The board of directors of a company needs to use a company seal to authorize different types of documents on behalf of the company. Other papers that need to use a corporate seal or company seal include:
  • Interest/Stock certificates.
  • Resolutions.
  • Company contracts, agreements, bills of sale.
  • Minutes from company meetings.
  • Company bills of sale, contracts, and also company agreements.
  • Possible legal needs for corporate seals
In many other situations, a corporate seal is not a legal requirement. With the advent of technology, the mark of a corporate seal may be more like a gesture or symbol at times instead of a legal obligation. 

If a corporate seal or company seal is needed for your field of work, always try to ensure that your online stamp maker follows the necessary rules. Depending on the state in which the company is operating, a corporate seal may hold a little more or less power or authority than in several other states. Since requirements for a corporate seal may be different depending on the state, you need to check to know if a corporate seal is needed, the actual value it holds, the accurate formatting, and also in which situations a corporate seal needs to be used.

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Why do you need a corporate seal?

Here are several important reasons why a corporate seal can be useful to you and your company.
  • A corporate seal or embosser can add a protective layer that can prevent fraud. Creating an entirely customized seal makes it hard for others to imitate, thus, protecting your identity and documents.
  • A corporate seal can be needed in certain situations, like opening a company bank account for the first time.
  • If you are working in the business of selling or producing artwork, distinct items, or crafts, a corporate seal or embosser can add a highly authentic and personalized touch that customers and buyers will remember.
  • A corporate seal can create an impression that is a professional, memorable, and appreciated aspect of certificates and documents, even if not needed.
  • Lenders or vendors may need a corporate seal on their contracts with the LLC or corporation.
  • A state agency may need the businesses they operate to use a corporate seal.
  • A corporate seal may be required on deeds.
  • Banks may need a corporate seal for their entity account holders. 
  • Using a corporate seal can make the documents of the LLC or the corporation stand out. 
  • Having a corporate seal can work as a symbolic gesture of authenticity, mainly by recipients of important internal documents, like company members and shareholders.

Where will you get a corporate seal?

You can have a fully customized corporate seal from the famous online seal stamp maker, My Stamp Ready. The first step is to choose the style of your corporate seal. After that, you can choose the particular text to include on your seal stamp design.

With amazing-looking labels available, you can create a seal online or make your own seal in the perfect tone according to your needs and preferences. So, if you are trying to look for a reliable seal designer for your seal-making procedure, you can always trust My Stamp Ready with ease.

If you have just opened a company and need to coordinate different facets and eventually increase the success of your business, you will definitely need a customized corporate seal. So, the corporate seal may be a legal necessity in several situations, as well as an important tool to minimize fraud. Thus, you will need the help of a professional corporate seal maker like My Stamp Rady, who can help you by creating a seal.


Therefore, though in many cases, corporate seals are not mandatory for every document, you still need to rely on a reliable corporate seal maker like My Stamp Ready to make sure that your brand or business can stand apart. Whether you wish to use it for authenticity and professionalism or just use it as a marketing tactic, a corporate seal can offer your brand a taste of uniqueness.

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