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Electronic notary stamp and seal are myth or new reality
Just like a programmer can't perform duties without a laptop or PC, a notary is useless without a notary public seal or stamp. It's used to authenticate service and make documents official. The notary stamp is ...

Date of publication 2021-02-24

Order rubber stamp online for documents: how do I get it
The conduct of commercial activities of the legal entity has often required a stamp. You can order rubber stamp online for documents today in a variety of companies. The production itself takes from several minutes up to 2 hours. Services are constantly being improved and supplemented with new features.

Date of publication 2020-02-09

Quick start guide for creating and pasting a stamp to a Microsoft Word
To create a layout, follow the link to the online stamp image maker, MyStampReady. On this site, we can download the print online. To create a print, click the New print+ button in the upper right corner of the editor. Before us, there is a menu where we choose the ...

Date of publication 2019-08-12