Application of Seals and Stamps in the modern world

Many perceive a seal or stamp as a tool for authenticating documents. But few people know where else seals and stamps are used.

Below are the options for using seals

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As mentioned above, the most popular application is seal or stamp. The print is applied to the documents that should be certified. Will change at the conclusion of contracts, transactions, issuance of certificates, as well as visa stamps in passports.

Bookplate: an image that carries information about the owner of the book. The bookplate is most often applied to the left flyleaf.

Bookplates can be divided into three main types:

  • Monogram - initials of the owner decorated with ornaments;
  • Coat of arms - which shows the coat of arms of the owner;
  • Plot – carry images, scenes, landscapes, etc., which Express the tastes or character of the owner Children's seals and stamps use online stamp image maker

– used by both children and teachers. For educational purposes, seals or stamps are used by teachers evaluating the work of children, affixing a seal or stamp displaying the assessment (depending on the age of the child, it can be both a figure and an image of a favorite hero with different emotions). For entertainment purposes, children use the press, both in creativity and in game cops, In order to mark the belonging of personal belongings and literature.

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Date of publication 2019-08-08