Stamp pillow - Office Hero of our Time

How many useful little things in life, designed to facilitate our working days, which we do not always notice. And in vain! Most office workers have a stamp pad on their Desk. It is designed for wetting clichés in special ink so that the seal leaves a clear print on the paper. Let's try to understand its features and types:

stamp color

Purpose of stamp pillow

The first and main purpose of this detail – periodic updating of paint on a stamp which very quickly dries up and ceases to leave a clear trace on documents. The quality of the stamp pad and ink depends on the brightness of the prints. The compatibility of these two components also plays a role. Therefore, most entrepreneurs, deciding to order printing online, should pay attention to the variety and material of manufacture of stamp pillows.

Do you think this office assistant is only suitable there? By no means. These pads are often used by craftsmen to create decorative elements on handmade products. Due to the porous surface containing a certain amount of coloring pigment, they are used for full or partial coloring of materials of different textures. To save time, most of the office workers and creators of handmade products prefer to order stamp accessories via the Internet. There is a payment for printing by Bank transfer, convenient for most consumers, so you can design stamp in online stamp maker.

Varieties of materials

Everyday stamp pillows are improved. There are almost no seals left in the offices, staining the hands and clothes of employees. In place of stamps with dripping ink came modern stamp pads:

In an automatic snap. They do not require constant refueling paint. One such pad serves from 5000 prints. And there are models that can withstand up to 10,000 stamps without loss of image quality. Today it is possible to buy the automatic type press leaving a multi-colored print. Pads soaked them for several pigments. Refuel such stamps can not be due to the high probability of mixing different shades of ink.

Table stamp pillows for hand clichés. They are made of modern porous material. At first glance, it is even difficult to understand that it is impregnated with special paint.

stamp pad

The type of stamp pad is selected depending on the type of printing used by employees. The simplest and cheapest option is manual cliché. One stamp pad can be used for different sizes of seals. However, the paint on the pad dries quickly, and the stamps themselves are not clear.

It is more practical to use printing with automatic snap-in. In such devices, the stamp is in constant contact with the coloring pigment. The paint does not dry out, so the print is always clear, not smeared. The most popular among entrepreneurs is a compact round seal in automatic equipment. Less likely to use a cliché rectangular shape.

Another essential component for creating high-quality prints is paint. The most common among office workers coloring pigment water-based. It leaves a clear trace on porous surfaces. But not suitable for glossy paper.

Alcohol-based paint is used in cases where it is necessary to leave the print on smooth surfaces (plastic, metal, polyethylene). The most rarely used oil ink.

Today clichés are used to confirm the authenticity of official documents. Therefore, the majority of entrepreneurs bought the sketches of the seals from the designers. This is an expensive service. but nowadays anyone can create their own seal/stamp layout. Our service will help in solving the problem. This is an online designer of seals and stamps, in which you can create a unique cliché design in a few minutes.

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Date of publication 2019-08-19