Online Designer of Seals - Ease of use and Guarantee of security

The use of the online designer of seals allows you to quickly and efficiently produce a layout of any seal for its production in cases of registration of the enterprise, loss of the main seal, its theft or the need to have an exact copy of it. Download print - a reliable way to keep a clear image of the print in high resolution and use it further.

Printing – one of the main tools in the activities of any institution, enterprise, both public and private ownership. It is the round seal that is the main element in the certification of accounting documents, various orders, appointments and contracts. To ensure the efficiency of document management and accounting of goods and services, many companies require additional seals or stamps.

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A new seal is simply necessary when registering an enterprise, in cases of changing the name of the organization, transfer of ownership or reorganization. It is also very important to be able to quickly recover the lost or stolen seal of an organization or Manager. Using the ability of the designer – You can restore lost or damaged seal in seconds, ordering the finished layout of Your seal. It should be noted that You order 100% identical seal, not a copy of the low-quality seal. It will be impossible to notice the difference. In addition, the sketch print in electronic format – can be inserted into any document.

Online stamp generator

Buy seal – is so simple. To make a layout of the necessary printing for its production – you can through the online designer. All you need is to choose:

  • Required size.
  • Enter all information for the production of clichés.
  • Choose a graphic image – coat of arms or logo.

The user-friendly interface of the designer allows not even specialists to make their own layout and order printing in production. If necessary, you can download a sample of the created print cliché in the form of a high-resolution graphic file. Saved seal layout is the best protection against the negative consequences of loss or theft of the organization's print.

Why do you need a high resolution print layout (sketch)

First of all, it is worth noting that for the manufacture of copies, lost, stolen, missing or unusable (destroyed), seals – requires a high-quality print. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to save documentation, where all lines, numbers, letters and strokes of graphic images on the print are very clearly and legibly visible, which is extremely important for creating an accurate copy of it.

In order to avoid problems with the production of an exact copy, indistinguishable from the original – you should create and download a print in high resolution. Scalable image printing allows you to completely recreate the original.

To make a layout on the online designer and download a print in high resolution is a guarantee of protection from any unforeseen situations, allowing you to recreate the original of any print in cases:

  • Need to recover as soon as possible.
  • Destruction of printed or non-conforming condition.
  • Lack of access to the main press due to insurmountable situations
  • Misappropriation of the seal by an official.
  • Unjustified absence of the person responsible for the seal: the Director of the organization or the person authorized by him.

Who benefits from using the online constructor

To use the designer and order, download or buy a print is beneficial for managers of enterprises of all forms of ownership. High-quality sketch in high resolution, will allow almost instantly, with great accuracy, to restore the seal, which can protect against the risks of freezing the activities of the company or official.

Important! Create a layout and download the seal – the best opportunity to guarantee protection from force majeure and smooth operation for accountants, registrars, legal entities and individuals-entrepreneurs, companies, ensuring the smooth exchange and turnover of funds, shares and securities.


The online stamp image maker  is a unique tool for all entrepreneurs and officials with the right to use seals. Create a high-quality layout, download and buy printing – you can always in the shortest possible time, without prejudice to the business of any enterprise.

To get acquainted with the possibilities of making layouts, to study the interface of work, possible options for sketching and downloading seals, you can use the online designer of seals.

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Date of publication 2019-08-13