Create your own company stamp easily

Become the owner of a unique seal or stamp created from your own sketch or suggested template using the online company stamp maker. In three simple steps, create a rectangular, round, or triangular layout and download the result in the optimal format (pdf,. svg.png, or docx).

How do I use the company stamp maker when developing a seal sketch?

Why is it profitable to make seal layouts in our stamp designer?

  • - Our design Tools make it easier to work even with layouts for seals with complex patterns.
  • - We were the first to open online access to a program for working with layouts in vector form.
  • - The finished layout is suitable for use in the production of seals made of photopolymers and rubber.
  • - The created image is scaled from the minimum size of 1 pixel to infinity without loss of quality.

Projects for layouts of complex structures have a smaller size.

  • - The developed stamp and seal layout is available for download in various formats:
  • - PNG. Image in bitmap format, with a transparent background. Resolution: 600dpi.
  • - SVG. Image in vector format. The current version allows subsequent scaling or applying the image for seal with an engraving.
  • - PDF. A universal format supported by most modern programs and devices for working with digitized data.
  • - DOCX format of the all known WORD text editor

The function of deferred layout editing is provided: the "Save layout" button is used for archiving. (click on the floppy disk)

The designer for individual work on seal and stamp layouts is a graphic editor whose set of tools allows you to create and edit thumbnails of images. Make layouts for organization seals, even taking into account the customer's personal wishes. With our designer, it is possible to create stamp sketches at a professional level, without having experience in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw. And at the end of the project, you are free to choose the material to implement the layout in physical form.

How much do our services cost

You can download the seal at the following prices

  • - The promo layout option in PNG format costs 2.5$
  • - The econom layout option in PNG + SVG format costs $3.5
  • - The premium layout option in PNG + SVG + PDF format costs 4.5$
  • - The gold world layout option in PNG + SVG + PDF + DOCX format costs$5.5

You can use our designer to create any seal or stamp of any complexity. By downloading the SVG format, physical stamp can be produced from any nearby seal manufacturer. You just need to contact them and send the SVG file by mail. The advantage of our designer is that you still have your seal or stamp in electronic form. Which you can easily insert into electronic documents.


Designer of seals and stamps - a graphic editor designed to create, view and edit layouts of seals and stamps. Typically, the designer interface allows you to create layouts without the additional skills of using professional graphics editors like Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe photoshop. Many designers implement the functions of selecting the material of manufacture and equipment for the final product.                 

Generator of stamps and stamps - the type of the seals designer, which assumes minimal participation of the client in the creation of the layout, or at all without the participation of the client.