How to Add a Date Stamp to Your Photos in 2023

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With the advent of digital cameras, people have become less aware of the date stamps that previously were so popular. It is because digital images come with several pieces of information. These details include the date and time when the picture was clicked. However, traditional cameras require the insertion of these details.

This article will shed some light on the process of adding a date stamp to the photos you click. So read on!

What does a Photo Date Stamp mean?

The first question that people need to familiarise themselves with is what is a photo stamp and its purpose. Before learning how to incorporate them into the pictures, it is essential to know their concept. 

The date stamp is an area where you can insert text inside the photo. This section displayed the date when the picture was clicked. In some of the cameras, it can be inserted directly whereas in some you need to add it through some software.

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How do you insert a date stamp in your photo?

Not many cameras allow the users to insert the date stamp directly into the picture when you click it. Many compact cameras offer this feature, but you won't find this feature in DSLR or mirrorless cameras. However, advanced models of cameras do offer this feature. 

The following lists some cameras that offer the feature of adding a date stamp to your photo-
  • Sony RX100 compact camera
  • Nikon D3500 DSLR camera
  • Panasonic Lumix GX9 mirrorless camera
  • Panasonic ZS200 compact camera
  • Fujifilm X-A7 mirrorless camera
  • Panasonic G9 mirrorless camera
According to several feedbacks and reviews, the date stamp feature of Panasonic is quite incredible. 

The initial step is to check if your camera offers this feature of adding date stamps or not. If you are not sure then refer to the camera manual.

The second step is to check whether your camera's date and time settings are accurate. If the default setting is inaccurate, make sure you change the settings. Also, if you are an avid traveller, then remember to change the date and time according to the time zones you are in.

If the camera has the feature of adding date stamps, then activate this feature.

In order to activate this feature, go through the following steps
  • Enter the camera's menu
  • Search for an option named 'date stamp' or 'time stamp' or 'text stamp' or something close to it.
For instance, some camera menus refer to these options as 'write date' or 'text stamp.' In order to avoid any confusion, it is essential to go through the manual. You get a clear idea about the model and its features.

After activating the feature in your camera settings, the correct date and time become the default settings. Typically, the date stamps appear in orange coloured text. 

The text appears at the bottom right corner of the picture. After you enable the feature, it becomes immediately visible in your camera roll.

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What are some advantages and disadvantages of the date stamp feature in your camera?

Activating the date stamp in your camera, automatically adds the date to all the pictures in your camera roll. Therefore, you do not have to add the dates every time you click images. Also, you do not need any extra software to include the date stamps afterwards.  

Also, you can enable or disable this feature as per your requirements. For example, sometimes you may want a date stamp, sometimes you might not.

It is definitely a helpful feature. Nevertheless, it has some drawbacks. When you add a date stamp to any picture, it is a permanent change in the picture. The photo is saved along with the date. It is not a temporary change as you cannot remove it. 

However, there is a way of removing it. You can do so with the help of digital manipulation software. Unfortunately, the changes cannot be made to the camera itself. 

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How can you insert a date stamp through an online date stamp software? 

As discussed before, not all cameras allow you to add date stamps to your pictures. In that case, you need some other way to do so. The easiest way then is to take the help of date stamp maker software available online.  

You will find a lot of software online. After a picture is clicked, the photos are stored along with its time and date stamps in the EXIF data. The data file consists of several pieces of information regarding the picture itself, the date when it was clicked, the time, the camera model, etc. 

Many of these software allows the users to extract this data from the EXIF file and insert directly into the picture.

Moreover, other software offers users to insert the text manually into the picture. However, most people prefer the former process as it is faster and easier. Moreover, it is smooth when it comes to editing many pictures. However, adding the date and time stamps manually is not a bad idea if there are only a few pictures.

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Why should you add date stamps to your pictures?

Previously, when people used to own a film camera, there was a common feature- it was the option to add date stamps. Nowadays, people fail to realise how useful this feature is. After you print the pictures, you get to remember when you took this picture.

Sometimes, it feels too good to look back at pictures to rejoice at the moment all of again. But, when a date stamp is present, it makes a nice difference to see the picture- it makes you feel nostalgic.

Some other reasons as to why you should add a date stamp to your stamps-
  • To keep track of time as to why you clicked the picture
  • To give a film-like look to the photos
  • To use them as proofs for business and legal purposes
  • With date and time stamps, pictures get a retro look
  • For comparison purposes, especially required for printed photos. 

To Wrap Up

This article aimed to give some insight into adding a date stamp to your clicked pictures. In some cameras, there is a built-in feature to do so. So, all you need to do is change the settings from the camera menu. Whereas, in some cases you won't find such a feature. In that case, you need software or an online Date stamp generator.

Date of publication 2022-06-02