Create stamps for authorised signatory to verify documents №1920

Stamp mockup №1920,Size :30mm-15mm
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  • Stamp mockup №1920
  • Size: 30mm-15mm
  • Categories: Finances
  • Tags: #Stamps #Best #makers #Inc #Authorized #Signatory

This simple template can serve as a model for your future rubber seal of rectangular shape. It can be used to facilitate paperwork in the office, especially if you or your workers need to sign a lot of documents. Authorised signatory can order this sketch for himself and stop wasting time on writing the same lines again and again. Signatory stamps are quite easy and fast to create, however, a professional designer put a big price tag for his services. Using tools and instruments of MYStampReady, you can be your own designer. This template is available for modification. The style of this sketch is simple. Major part of the layout is blank, because there should be a space for signature. The top line reads “Stamps best makers, INC”. You can click on it and insert the name of your company or your personal name (depending on the use of your future seal). The bottom line reads “Authorised signatory”: that’s the person who is signing the agreement or another type of document. You can add a personal name if there’s only one person who has a right to sign the documents in your company. Moreover, you can play with the style of the text. Select the most beautiful or official font, change the size or position of each line. With our graphic editor, your possibilities on working with stamps’ templates are numerous. Three frames add an interesting touch to the design of the stamp. You can replace only text and then download the result.