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Stamps for mail-art
Despite the fact that we live in a world of electronic technology, when any letter or message is sent in one click, for many to write or send letters by hand is still an interesting and exciting thing. For all lovers of handwritten letters created for, called Mail Art - ...

Date of publication 2019-08-27

Stamps as a tool of guerrilla marketing
The process of promotion in the market of goods or services requires a creative approach and financial costs. The use of an advertising stamp can make a variety of marketing campaign and save a lot of money. Modern technologies allow us to produce stamps and print online, you can easily ...

Date of publication 2019-08-25

Stamp pillow - office hero of our time
How many useful little things in life, designed to facilitate our working days, which we do not always notice. And in vain! Most office workers have a stamp pad on their Desk. It is designed for ...

Date of publication 2019-08-19