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Notary Seals and Stamps: Everything You Need to Know
TABLE OF CONTENTS I. Introduction II. History of Notary Seals III. Purpose and Uses of Notary Seals IV. Types of Notary Seals V. Components of Notary Seals VI. Notary Seal Requirements VII. Notary Seal Maintenance VIII. Proper Usage of Notary Seals IX. Conclusion X. FAQ. XI. Notary Stamps and ...

Date of publication 2023-04-02

What documents can be certified by the notary seal
Often, transactions require the services of notary stamps and seals to certify documents. In some cases, it is a prerequisite, while in others the certification by a legal witness is just insurance for the parties. There is a need to understand in what situations documents can become ...

Date of publication 2022-12-31

Notary seal forgery - what is the threat and how to protect yourself
A huge number of fraudulent schemes are accompanied by the use of false documents. Unfortunately, there are cases when criminals forge the fake notary stamp. Today's article explains how it happens, what the consequences are and, most importantly, how to protect yourself from such attacks. The ...

Date of publication 2022-12-27

Date of publication 2022-12-20

What information should be on the notary seal
Only notaries are authorized to perform notarial acts. They can work either in a public office or in their own office. When a notary performs his work, it does not matter whether he is a private notary or works for the state, the rights of such notaries are ...

Date of publication 2022-12-19

Signs of a Notary Stamp and Seal
A notary public is a legal person, who has the right to confirm the legality of almost any transaction (for example, the purchase and sale of real estate), testaments, grants (in some cases) and other documents with his seal and signature. The notary public can also be ...

Date of publication 2022-12-19

Procedure for making and destroying the notary's seal
The notary self inking stamp is the main instrument of an authorized person certifying the validity of certain documents. The notary has at his disposal a personal seal bearing an image of the State Emblem, special stamps for certifying inscriptions as well as a qualified electronic signature.

Date of publication 2022-12-19

How to become a Notary Public in the USA
The majority of the 4.4 million Notaries in the USA become Notaries as a value-added skill on their resume or as an important part of their duties. However, many others choose to become notaries to have their own Notary Signing Agent Business. These persons are contractors who earn ...

Date of publication 2022-07-17

Electronic Notary Stamp and Seal are Myth or New Reality
Just like a programmer can't perform duties without a laptop or PC, a notary is useless without a notary public seal or stamp. It's used to authenticate service and make documents official. The notary stamp is the ...

Date of publication 2021-02-24