What is a notary seal and who has the right to use it

Notarial acts by specialists working in a state notary's office or opening a private practice. The notary, not being a legal entity, is endowed with a seal bearing the coat of arms of the Russian Federation. The presence of this seal demonstrates the fact that the notary is the authorized person who performs certain acts on behalf of the state.

The seal usually bears the notary's surname, first name and patronymic and his city of operation. This is necessary to understand who the notary was acting for, and where he is located, because this is one of the grounds for appealing the notary's actions in court. Since the lawsuit is usually filed at the location of the defendant, so you need to determine exactly where the notary's organization is located.

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How a Notary Seal is Different from a Common Seal

As a general rule, a seal is an ink impression, and a stamp is an embossed mark on paper that is made with a stamping device. This embossing can be tactilely felt, but the notary stamp ink impression is better seen on a photocopy.

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Issuing a stamp to a notary public

The issuance of the seal with the image of the State Emblem of the Russian Federation to the notary during its centralized replacement is performed by the local body that registers the documents concerning the delivery of the seal with the image of the State Emblem of the Russian Federation and records the acts of issuance of the seal with the image of the State Emblem of the Russian Federation.

When it is required to order notary seal with the image of the State Emblem of the Russian Federation the notary shall submit to the territorial body three copies of the pages with six stamps and specimen signatures of the notary on all the pages. One of the copies stays in the archive of the notarial office, another one is sent to the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation and the third one is sent to the Chamber of Notaries.

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How to order new notary stamp

First of all, cheap notary stamps do not exist. The standard notary stamp colors are blue. For an additional fee, the color can be changed to green, black, purple, red notary stamp. Notary offices conclude contracts for the production of armorial seals with printing companies and printing companies that are certified to have the capacity to produce seals at the required level. These companies have the necessary documentation that allows them to carry out activities for the production of seals, and they execute this documentation in the manner prescribed by law. One of the decisions is to order it at notary stamp.com. Here are a lot of notary pictures free. And you can create notary stamp online based on free notary images.

When notary republic stamps are used

Certification of document copies is one of the most popular reasons for going to a notary. This is due to the fact that when collecting a certain set of documents for any organization, in the list of requirements you can find a very specific phrase "notarized copy of the document (passport, certificate, contract, translation, etc.)". Often, this service is resorted to in order not to provide the original document. In vast majority of cases the copy notarized has the same legal effect as the original document.

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The notary certifies copies of documents in accordance with the procedure regulated by the Fundamentals of the Law of the Russian Federation on Notarial Functions. The notary certifies the authenticity and trustworthiness of document copies and, moreover, the extracts from the documents, which do not contradict the current legal regulations of our country. The notary certifies the copies of the documents, which are issued to the representatives of the organizations, citizens or state bodies.


Is it possible to certify the document without a stamp or with a notary stamp online

In accordance with the notary law the notary is not allowed to certify the copies of documents

have any notations, erased, contain uncoordinated changes or words crossed out;

are executed in pencil;

are unclear, or have worn inscriptions or seals;

old documents or documents with compromised integrity.

This means that it is not forbidden to certify documents without a seal.

Illegal operations with notary stamp samples

When considering those situations where authentic notarial documents are certified by a notary with errors or certain irregularities, the damage caused to citizens, if any, will be compensated through the notary's property liability. The multifaceted insurance system of personal liability of notaries, which includes, among other things, the Compensation Fund of the Federal Chamber of Notaries, guarantees citizens and legal entities compensation for losses of various amounts.

By the way, there are cases in which notaries contribute to the detection of criminal acts. Through the ability to verify authenticity in the Unified Notarial Information System, notaries identify fake documents and, time and again, report attempted offenses to law enforcement authorities.

The notary's immediate role is to be the guarantor of the legality of civil actions, on behalf of public authorities, strictly and impartially, to promote preventive justice, guarantee the completeness and truthfulness of the information in the registries, and promote the observance of the rights and legitimate interests of citizens and organizations.

Many criminal acts are accompanied by forgery of documents. Most often, not only documents become fictitious, but also the seals that are put on them. No financial fraud is spared from falsified documents. That is why it is important for notaries to keep their seals and stamps safe.

The territorial Justice Bodies control the observance of the law by notaries working in state notarial offices and by those in private practice, the Justice Bodies together with the regional chambers of notaries by carrying out inspections. Such inspections of notaries engaged in private practice are strictly in accordance with the schedules that are approved by the organs of justice.

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Date of publication 2022-12-20