How To Use Custom Stamps in Your Handmade Business

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Due to the prevailing pandemic condition, people rely on online purchases more than ever. Therefore, people started to receive several online parcels. Therefore, packaging and custom made stamps for a better impression.

With better packaging, you create a better personality that can spark excitement. But how do you do this? What makes your stamp and packaging stand out? Also, how can you make your brand relatively affordable?

Custom rubber stamps are customised, financially within budget and sustainable. These humble stamps can also add some gravity to your packaging. These stamps are usually pre-link custom stamps. Stamps can be pretty versatile if learnt the proper and 

These stamps have been around for several years now. However, the rubber stamps still have a way of upholding their uniqueness and personal touch. 

What are the different ways of using a rubber stamp? 

  • Packaging 
The outer appearance of any package with the business logo can look very smooth and expert. But with least request amounts coming in large numbers, it's anything but a suitable choice for a private venture or a second job. With a custom stamp, you can utilise clear boxes which you can buy in a lot more modest amounts and in heaps of shapes and sizes and different colours. In addition, you can effectively tweak them with your logo or configuration in little clusters, or as you go.

Putting a stamp of your logo looks perfect outwardly on a case. However, you can likewise consider doing so within your container or mailer. For example, you can do so with a smart directive for when your clients open their boxes. Or then again, if you are selling in business sectors, stamp your paper packs or sticker prices. Your custom stamp could be your logo, yet you can likewise stamp messages to your clients. For example, your return address, or headings for posting like "Be careful while moving".

If you feel confused, the best way is to take the help of some Online stamp Maker to produce some unique designs.
  • Wrapping paper
Covering the product you sell with customised stamp paper speaks a lot about the seller. Also, you enhance the customer's entire unboxing experience. A little effort can create a great first impression! You do not need to invest much in the gift wrapping process. Just take some blank white paper, a kraft paper is more preferable. Or you can go for butcher's paper or even stamp tissue paper. Take any paper according to your convenience. However, make sure that you protect the content beneath the tissue. Because ink can likely bleed through it. Therefore, you need a rubber stamp and a fitting ink pad. You need not restrict yourself to some particular ink colour. There are several ink colours available both in stationery shops and online stores. In addition, you can find a pool of choices if you go through art and craft supply stores. And no matter what you will end up with the one that suits your aesthetics! So, get yourself an ink fitting for your stamp paper. People prefer the archival dye ink pads for this purpose. 
  • Stamping on fabric
Conventional and existing rubber stamps are very suitable for fabric. You can actually transform a plain calico carrier into a brand new and unique packaging. Moreover, it is possible to add fabric labels to clothing with the help of a stamp. Remember to purchase a fabric that has a tight weave. Otherwise, you might experience ink blotting and bleeding. Also, if you intend to wash the clothing, make sure to use a special fabric ink. These special stamp inks are functional in heat-setting with the assistance of iron so that you can make a permanent print on the clothing.
  •  Business cards
Rather than requesting business cards in large numbers, consider utilising a custom stamp that you make yourself. This should be possible for a portion of the expense of printing. A fraction of it is low because you likely make what you pick. Furthermore, they convey a natural, handcrafted vibe.

The simplest way to create a logo is by combining the brand logo with other fine details. Or else, you can also use two stamps. In one of the tamps, put the brand logo and for the other one add the finer details. Using two stamps enables you to stamp both sides of a card.  

Also, make sure that the font size of the text that you write is standard. The text includes important printed details like email address or name. If the font size is too small, it is difficult for the recipient to read it correctly. Many use traditional stamps. However, today people are shifting towards a pre-inked stamp. These stamps offer a precise print and ensure the legibility of the text. 
  • Product branding 
Branding your own products with the rubber stamp is a smart choice. People often overlook the versatility of a rubber stamp. It is helpful for a wide variety of purposes. Whether it is polymer clay, timber products, concrete or clothing, rubber clothing has its implications. These products can be branded with a rubber stamp.  

Many companies exhibit how they use their custom made stamps creatively. If you feel confused regarding how to customise a stamp for your business, surf the internet and find some websites that give unique creative ideas. That is a starting point at least! However, even an online Custom stamp creator makes things easier.

To Wrap Up

Today, people choose to select from so many options when it comes to rubber stamps. However, the best still is the conventional rubber stamp. This is because traditional rubber stamps are both flexible and versatile. Therefore, its flexibility makes it suitable for many surfaces, not just a piece of paper. 

Rubber stamps are designed for different ink pads. This implies that users can use the same stamp with varying colours of ink. Using different kinds of ink colours, you can also stamp other surface areas with just a single stamp. Whether the surface is paper, cardboard, timber, fabric or even concrete, one stamp takes care of it all! So find your Custom Stamp Online today to come up with traditional designs.

Date of publication 2022-06-02