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How to get a seal or stamp for free.
Due to numerous requests from customers who have problems with payment on our website, we decided to help you with that problem.  We understand that not everyone has the opportunity to pay and download on our website a layout of the seal / stamp. It is not your fault or ...

Date of publication 2019-09-16

Features of the use of a triangular stamp
Unusual for many printing triangular shape, in fact, has a fairly wide range of applications in the office of various organizations. For example – medical institutions, post office, industrial organizations, as well as any other, preferring a triangular print on their documents. The meaning of the triangle on the mystical side In ...

Date of publication 2019-09-03

How to create a rectangular stamp layout.
An instruction that describes step-by-step how to create a rectangular stamp layout in the online stamp image maker free. Create a new layout In the editor menu, click "New stamp". In the window that appears, select the type of print we need, in this case it is a rectangular stamp. Specifying ...

Date of publication 2019-08-03