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10 Best ideas for custom gift giving for office in 2022
10 Best Ideas For Custom Gift Giving For Office In 2022  Gift exchanges at work are a wonderful way to celebrate the holidays. If your employer is throwing a Christmas party and gift exchanging, chances are you're shopping for ...

Date of publication 2022-05-08

Stamps - as interior decoration
Today we continue to talk about the use of seals and stamps outside the office. Stamping is an inexhaustible source of ideas that allow the original transformation of a thing, object, or space. Decorated things and various trinkets can be a great gift and just an expression of any ...

Date of publication 2019-09-09

Seals - protection and identification of ancient books
Since ancient times, the life of human society is associated with books. They are created, transmitted to descendants, was lost, destroyed in fires, kept, collected. From books, especially those belonging to state institutions, it is possible to trace historical conflicts and experiences of state transformations. With the change of epochs ...

Date of publication 2019-09-01