Create a rubber stamp with personal information to use instead of business card №2206

Stamp mockup №2206,Size :50mm-20mm
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  • Stamp mockup №2206
  • Size: 50mm-20mm
  • Categories: Medicine
  • Tags: #Frau #med #Wiebke #Freulein #Sandstr #44143 #Dortmund #Telefon #0271 #123

Rectangular custom stamp with address and name for promoting personal brand

Get more clients with the help of this stamp. Replace your business cards with the rectangular stamp carrying all the necessary information about your services and save money. Ideal for small businesses and for large enterprises, regardless of your sphere: medicine, lawyer, tutor, journalist, etc. Suitable for personal use, when you need to personalize your things (for example, books in your home library). Make personalized rubber stamps using our convenient graphic editor. Use this template as an example and edit the information: you can modify any element that is present. Add your name, address and phone number to the layout. It’s also possible to add other options, like e-mail, social media nicknames or even links (the amount of possible variants is endless). Use the template to create a brand-new image of your business, show more professional attitude and stop giving out business cards (which are mostly lost or forgotten). With a stamp, your brand value will increase, and new clients will be able to find you. Moreover, you can add another image to the layout to highlight the use of your business stamp. Our online stamp maker is easy to navigate and completely free. You pay once, as soon as you’re satisfied with result, and the layout will stay with you forever. Make a business stamp online and offer it as a gift for your loved ones. Show them support and care, show that you believe in them. No special knowledge required to use our editor.