Get new clients with custom self-inking address stamp with personal logo №2198

Stamp mockup №2198,Size :60mm-30mm
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  • Stamp mockup №2198
  • Size: 60mm-30mm
  • Categories: Auto-Moto
  • Tags: #MSR #Logistics #GmbH #Ernst #Weyden #Straße #44143 #Dortmund #Germany

Rubber address stamp with logo for promoting personal brand and company

Use this stamp template to make your own stamp, which can help in business promotion. Forget about printing business cards with the new way of advertising. Edit the chosen layout and play with elements. MyStampReady is a graphic editor with a large library of templates available for modifications. You can work on the project without hiring professional designers and get the desired result for less than 5 minutes. Choose the template №2198 to create an address stamp for your business: just replace the text and choose the image you like. The possibilities of the graphic tool are endless. As a result, each person will get an individual layout ready to be sent to production at the end of work. You can edit the outer frame by changing its width and size, and altering its design (by breaking lines for a beautiful effect). Add as much text as you need on your custom stamp: company name, address, phone number, e-mail, social media, etc. Each text line can be edited individually. The following options are possible: change of size (if you want to emphasize some kind of information), font and size of the text, and style (normal, italic or bold). Moreover, each line can be rotated and shifted to any side of the template. When working with image, you have plenty of possibilities as well: download your own picture (in SVG format) or choose the most suitable image in our spacious gallery. There are no limitations in the amount of elements. Just like text, each image can be placed anywhere on the surface of the template.