Learn how to make a rubber stamp for your company in 5 minutes using template №2196

Stamp mockup №2196,Size :38mm
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  • Stamp mockup №2196
  • Size: 38mm
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Business rubber stamp of round shape for use in the office and for paperwork

Round stamps is the most widespread stamp’s shape in the world. You have a unique opportunity to create your own layout without hiring a professional designer. Our simple stamp template and easy-to-use editor can help in transforming the layout according to your needs. This is a perfect design for everyone who needs to place a lot of information about the company on the surface of the stamp. The template initially has five lines of text, all of them are clearly visible when being imprinted on the paper. Due to our best custom stamp maker, you will face no problems when creating the layout of your dream. The possibilities of the editor are almost endless: you can replace the information with your own text and download the result in one minute or you can play with the tools that are offered. No need to have skills in Adobe Photoshop or any other graphic editor: it’s all available on MyStampReady website. You can change the number of text lines, and width of the frames, modify their design (for example, add line breaks for an interesting visual effect) or edit the text itself. Among the options, you can use are multiple fonts, size editing, and bold, italic styles. There’s also a possibility to choose an image for your stamp from our huge gallery. As a result of your work, you get a DIY rubber stamp layout that can be downloaded to your PC and sent to production. A high-quality of template is guaranteed! All information and images will be clearly visible.