Make a rubber stamp with name, phone number and address for your company №2183

Stamp mockup №2183,Size :82mm-25mm
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  • Stamp mockup №2183
  • Size: 82mm-25mm
  • Categories: Business
  • Tags: #BUCHFÜHRUNGSBÜRO #KARST #INCE #Oranjehofstr #_______________________ #123456 #Köln #Tel #0221 #1234567 #Mobil #0176 #1234567 #info #mystampready #com #1234567890

This rectangular stamp can be a great addition to your business. It contains all important data about the brand: company name, phone number, address and e-mail. Edit the information using our online stamp maker and enjoy an electronic business card. High-quality and readable text guaranteed. Download the result to your PC and sent it to the production to use this self-inking rubber stamp in your office. Our editor is simple to use. The tools for creating effects are simple but powerful. With MyStampReady you can make a completely original design without deep knowledge of professional graphic editors. Less than 20 minutes of work (or rather, an engaging play with styles and options) and will get a result compared to the ones made in studios. Highlight the most important parts of your text with bold style, change fonts and sizes of separate parts of your text to make them more prominent. Add images from our gallery and turn a simple layout into an original design. This template has all necessary info that you use when modifying the sample according to your preferences and needs. Apart from business use, this stamp is an ideal model for address layouts (if you send lots of letters by regular mail). The information you enter is limited only by your imagination: feel free to be as crafty and inventive, as you wish: wedding date and place, birthday invitations. Your opportunities are endless. The size of this template is: 25 mm x 82 mm. Open our gallery to see more available models.