Make an original rubber stamp for your company and office work using the sample №2167

Stamp mockup №2167,Size :38mm
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  • Stamp mockup №2167
  • Size: 38mm
  • Categories: Animals, Plant
  • Tags: #ОБЩЕСТВО #ОГРАНИЧЕННОЙ #ОТВЕТСТВЕННОСТЬЮ #ОМСК #Спектр #ОГРН #1065501055080 #ИНН #5501097183

This round stamp contains all the necessary information about a company, that is required by the local law. You can edit the text and insert the name, address and registration number of your business. Moreover, it’s possible to change the image in the center of this template. You can shift it to the side of the circle, edit its size or position (for example, turn it horizontally) or replace with another image. MyStampReady offers a big collection of logos divided into groups according to theme: medicine, transport, architecture, art, food, etc. In total, there are 14 groups of images that you can use. Our editor is practical and convenient; it allows you to create a truly unique design due to a large amount of options. Apart from editing images, it’s also possible to alter the characteristics of the text. Change the size of the most significant parts to make them more prominent, add spacing between the letters, relocate the text on the layout, play with fonts and styles. No special skills required, all basic tools are clear and simple to use. You can work on your rubber stamp anywhere and anytime, usually it requires less than half an hour to finish the work. Each layout will be saved in your account and available there. You can come back to modifications any time you want or download the finished result to your PC. The diameter of this template is 38 mm. If you need another size, be sure to select it in our editor in advance.