Easy-to-make universal stamp for use in the office by entrepreneurs and business №2165

Stamp mockup №2165,Size :38mm
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  • Stamp mockup №2165
  • Size: 38mm
  • Categories: Business
  • Tags: #индивидуальный #предприниматель #воронеж #рег #18188 #тарановский #денис #владимирович

This template was made by an entrepreneur for facilitate the paperwork. Each business, no matter big or small, requires such a tool in the office. MyStampReady allows users to draw their own layouts for rubber stamps. The process is easy, and the amount of options is countless. You can word with the frames, elements, texts and even images. This is a universal layout of a round shape, containing the following information: name of entrepreneur, registration number, city. If you like this template, there’s almost nothing to be done. You can edit the text using our simple graphic editor and download the result immediately. Be sure to check the following available tools: alteration of text size, different fonts and styles. No matter how much text you want to place on the stamp, the result will be readable. Moreover, you can add more spacing between the letters (if the name of your company is short) or alter the starting position of the text. This custom stamp design has two lines of text: it’s possible to delete one or add more, if necessary. Moreover, the image in the middle of the layout can replaced with a text as well or with another image from our gallery. Time that you’ll spend working on the individual sketch for your business will fly fast. And the result will satisfy you. The diameter of this template is 38 mm. This is a standard size of a self-inking rubber stamp. If you need another size or shape, use our stamp maker online to design the necessary sketch.