Make a sketch of a rubber stamp online with a company name basing on ready-made template №2163

Stamp mockup №2163,Size :38mm
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  • Stamp mockup №2163
  • Size: 38mm
  • Categories: Business
  • Tags: #CYPRUS #MYSTAMPREADY #SOLUTIONS #PVT #LTD #Secure #Identification #with #innovative #technologies #INDIA

Round stand is a tool that’s necessary for a daily work of your business. MyStampReady gives you a possibility to make a perfect layout and facilitate the paperwork in the office. It contains all necessary information about the company. The text is added in three lines, depending on the significance of information. The main text – company name – is in capital letters and bold style placed along the outer frame. Also, the country name is added to this line and divided by asterisks from the brand’s name. The second text is smaller in size and placed between two inner frames. In addition, text is added to the middle of the sketch (also in bold and capital letters). This round-shaped layout can serve as a model for creating a unique layout. It’s possible to insert your own information and proceed to check-out and downloading or completely change the design of this template. The option that are available on MyStampReady are infinite: you can alter the size of the text (making it as big as you need), add spacing and partitions between different parts of the same line (like asterisks), change fonts and starting position of the text. If necessary, it’s possible to add an image to your sketch. We have a large collection of pictures in SVG format that can be added to your rubber stamp. The diameter of this template is 38 mm. It’s used by most companies in every business sphere (for paperwork and verifying documents). If you need another shape, you also have a possibility to make a triangle- or rectangular-shaped sketches.