Learn how to make a custom stamp for business purposes in editor using the template №2162

Stamp mockup №2162,Size :38mm
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  • Stamp mockup №2162
  • Size: 38mm
  • Categories: Design
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Rubber stamp is the image of the company. According to the local and global laws, it should contain certain information about the brand. In most countries it’s recommended to place the following data: company full name, country or city of registration, and the individual registration number. You can see an example of such a stamp in front of you: simple and business-like, it can be used in the office every day. This sketch has two lines of text present: the one that is closer to the outer frame is the name of the company (you can notice that it’s bigger in size, the letters are bold). On the top of the sketch, there are two stars, the symbols that mark the beginning and the end of the line. The second line of text is smaller, it’s a registration number. Also, there’s a logo in the middle of the template. According to your desire, you can edit this sketch using our graphic editor. Every part is available for modification: you can delete unnecessary line or edit text (replacing it with your data), add other elements and even images. MyStampReady offers an enormous collection of pictures that can be added to your rubber stamp online. Each element can be edited as well. You won’t face the problems with it. Our stamp maker is easy to use, and its options are endless. Size, fonts, style and position of each element can be altered within seconds. This template is 38 mm in diameter. Suitable for official use: stamping paper, documents, verifying agreements, etc. For other sizes and shapes, be sure to check our gallery.