Learn how to make your own stamp with basic information about your company №2150

Stamp mockup №2150,Size :38mm
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  • Stamp mockup №2150
  • Size: 38mm
  • Categories: Transport
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This is a great example of a complex but elegant rubber stamp. Information is present along the outer frame in two lines. They are designed differently to create a beautiful effect when imprinting. The outer frame is colored, while the text is white. Just near it, the second line of the text is colored, while the background is white. Such a technique allows to place lots of information on the stamp: here we can see the full name of the company, the address and registration number. In the middle, there are three letters, which stand for abbreviation of the company name, and a logo. You can use this template as an example for making your own rubber stamp. All you need to do is to open it in our convenient graphic editor and edit the necessary elements. Each part of the sketch can be deleted or modified. For example, when working with text, it’s possible to change the fonts, sizes and styles. Add new images, which reflect the field of your business. Our collection is vast and has plenty of images ready to be added. All information on the self-inking stamp will be clear and visible. After you finish working on your project, you can download it to your PC in one of the suitable formats and send this result to production. You can create and download as many stamps as you want. The process is easy even for those, who don’t know the basics of work in Abode Photoshop. The diameter of this sketch is 38 mm. This is a standard size for a round stamp recognized worldwide. If you’re looking for rectangular or triangle shapes, you can find them in our gallery.