Use this template as an example to make your own rubber stamp for paperwork and other purposes №2134

Stamp mockup №2134,Size :38mm
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  • Stamp mockup №2134
  • Size: 38mm
  • Categories: Business

This is a custom rubber stamp that is used by majority of companies across the globe. No matter, what country you are from, you can use this universally recognized stamp for verifying documents, contracts and agreements. Moreover, you can use for your personal needs. A stamp is a great idea for wedding invitations, home library and promoting your personal brand. This template has three lines of text that you can change. Just insert information about your company according to the example offered and proceed to check out. Or, if you want to add more individuality to your logo rubber stamp, you can change its design completely. The following options are available: adding images (from our gallery or your won ones), adding text and frames. As you can see, the text in circle along the outer frame is bigger than two other lines. It was made on purpose, such an effect is available in our online stamp maker and can be applied to any text. You can edit the font and the style of the text (make it bold or italic), drag it to another starting position on the sketch, or delete. The same effects can be applied to any other element present on the template. No need to worry, if your text is short. There’s an option of increasing spacing between letter or adding elements to fill the space (like stars in this case). The diameter of this layout is 38 mm. If necessary, MyStampReady has way more templates to offer for editing. Choose the necessary size and shape on our website and enjoy the process of creation.