Use our official stamp maker to create a layout for your company stamp for 20 minutes №2130

Stamp mockup №2130,Size :38mm
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  • Stamp mockup №2130
  • Size: 38mm
  • Categories: Arts, Fashion

This custom embossing stamp can help you in creating your own layout. Simple and elegant design will add to the value of your brand and make your company recognizable. Open this template in our editor and start working on your project from any corner of the world. This template has two outer frames – one serves an outline of the whole sketch, the second resembles a braided intertwined line. The main text is located between the outer and inner frames. The upper part of the text is highlighted (with the use of the tools and instruments of our online stamp maker): it’s bigger in size and bold, while the letters of lower part of the text are thinner. You can change the information and replace it with any other texts upon your choice: it can be company name, registration number, sphere of your business, city, date or even address. The year in the center of the text can be deleted or replaced as well. You can choose between adding an image or a new text. The images are available in our gallery and are grouped according to the themes: law, science, architecture, religion, medicine, etc. You can place the image in the middle or shift it to any side of the future stamp. The size and position of any element can be edited allowing you to create the layout that you want. The diameter of this sketch is 38 mm. This is the standard size, which allows you to use this rubber stamp for business purposes. Also, you can create a beautiful layout for personal use.