The stamp maker on our website allows you to turn any template into a unique sketch for business №21

Stamp mockup №2128,Size :38mm
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  • Stamp mockup №2128
  • Size: 38mm
  • Categories: Science, Studies, Education
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This template is an ideal solution for business. The outer frame contains the text with the main information about the company: full name, license number, registration number and VAT. The name of the company is also placed on the upper part right under the outer frame. You can see that this text is bigger that any other text on the sketch. Two asterisks on both sides highlight the importance of this part of information. The inner circle is another text – here, for example, can be the sphere where you work, the address of the company or any other data that you want to add. Moreover, there’s a possibility to delete this part and leave the center empty. Adding an image is also possible, if you want to make an original quality rubber stamp. The navigation in our online stamp maker is intuitive. Once you upload the template, you’ll see all the tools and instruments on the screen. You can change between them by clicking on the element or select the necessary part for modification in the bar above the template. Each part of the sketch is available for editing and deleting. Change the size and fonts of the text, shift them to the top of the bottom of the sketch. Add images from our gallery and alter their size and position. The result will be visible and neat. The size of this layout is 38 mm. It’s a standard office rubber stamp that is used by majority of companies for paperwork. In case, you are searching for other shapes (rectangular or triangle for doctors), be sure to check our collection on the website.