Make your own rubber stamp for the business purposes using the ready-made template №2127

Stamp mockup №2127,Size :40mm
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  • Stamp mockup №2127
  • Size: 40mm
  • Categories: Business
  • Tags: #MYSTAMPREADY #PTD #PTV #Reg #1234567890 #MyStampReady #com #stamp #maker #Lic #1234567890 #CORPORATED #COMPANY #SEAL

Change the text of this template and use the result in any sphere: business, medicine, art, law, etc. It’s also possible to make your special day (like a wedding or anniversary) memorable and original. Send invitations to your guests and stamp them with a decorative stamp. This layout is an ideal example for office rubber stamps. It has all the necessary information about the company: the name is placed in the middle of the template, it’s bigger and size and written in capital letters only. It immediately draws attention to it. Additional information is placed along the outer and inner frames: it can be anything (address, date, license number, registration number or a website). Each element of the stamp is available for editing. When working with text, you can change its size, font and style. Also, there’s a possibility to edit the position by shifting the text to the top of bottom of the template. MyStampReady is the only online stamp maker that allows you to add images to your layout. Choose the most suitable logo in our collection and add it to your future stamp. We have grouped all the images according to the themes: science, law, medicine, automobile, etc. The diameter of this sketch is 40 mm. It might be used for both professional use (in the office) and personal needs (to decorate invitations). If looking for other sizes and shapes, be sure to create a new layout in our editor or choose another template from the gallery.