Custom self-inking stamp for a business in a computer sphere based on individual template №2125

Stamp mockup №2125,Size :38mm
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  • Stamp mockup №2125
  • Size: 38mm
  • Categories: Computer
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Rubber stamp design is what makes your company truly unique. Businesses use stamp in their daily work everywhere: naturally, clients and customers see it all the time. Want to take your template memorable? Welcome to MyStampReady. Here you can make your own rubber stamp for less than 30 minutes. If you like this sketch, it’s possible to open it in our online stamp maker and perform the necessary changes. Simple but elegant, this layout was created for a computer company. The user has left the center blank on purpose: but you can add the text or even a logo to fill the space. Our gallery has plenty of images that can be used in every sphere: law, medicine, science, automobile, etc. The information here is placed in two lines located along the edge of the template. On the blue background, there’s information about the company: license number, registration number, country and state. Two part of text are separated from each other by triple asterisks (on each side). On the white background, there’s the full name of the company. Each part of the sketch can be changed according to your desire. It’s possible to play with fonts and styles of text, make it bigger for highlighting the most important words. The position of the text can be changed as well. The size of this template is 38 mm. Once you start working on your project, keep in mind that size and shape of the layout cannot be changed. If you want to create another sketch, use the option “Make a new template” or find a suitable example in our collection.