Personal stamp maker for any kind of business or memorable event based on template №2093

Stamp mockup №2093,Size :40mm
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  • Stamp mockup №2093
  • Size: 40mm
  • Categories: Arts, Fashion
  • Tags: #Original #Document #MyStampReady #Group #LTD #Since #2016

Custom art rubber stamps are used for many purposes: round stamps are inseparable part of any business, decorative stamps are an elegant addition to wedding invitations. The area of use is actually endless. MyStampReady offers you a simple graphic editor to draw a design for your own stamp. This template is unusual and differs from anything that will be made in designer bureau. First, it doesn’t have an outer frame. Instead, you can notice a huge logo of a bird in the center. If necessary, this image can be deleted, modified (in size and position) and replaced by another image. We have a vast collection of ready-made logos that you can choose between. Regardless of the sphere of use, you will be able to find something that will catch your eye. All images are grouped according to the theme: medicine, art, law, business, automobile, etc. The text on this template is placed on the upper and lower part. You can see that the design of both texts is not the same. The phrase in the bottom is semi-circled, while the lines of the information on the top are straight. Moreover, the lower part of the text is bold, while the upper is not. In the middle of the layout, there’s a phrase “Since 2016”, which may indicate the year when the company was founded. The diameter of this template is 40 mm. Before starting work on this project, make sure that this is exactly the size and the shape you need. Check our collection of DIY layouts and choose the one that suits your needs most.