Make a rubber stamp online to facilitate paperwork in the office using this template №2091

Stamp mockup №2091,Size :40mm
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  • Stamp mockup №2091
  • Size: 40mm
  • Categories: Design
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Forget about hiring expensive designers and waiting for them to work on your project with our official stamp maker. MyStampReady offers a simple and convenient solution for everyone, who has no time but want to get an elegant layout for a future seal. This template is available for modification. The main thing you can do is to change the text, replacing it with the information about your company. If you like the result, you can proceed to check out and download your sketch in any format you need. However, you can continue working on rubber stamp design and change it entirely. Our ink stamp maker offers multiple tools for a fast and high-quality work. For example, here you can see an unusual outer frame: it looks like a chain of triangles. It can be replaced with a normal frame, or you can keep looking for beautiful elements to add. Information about the company is placed here in several lines. It allows to separate the main parts of the text from less significant and highlight (with the use of graphic editor) the important words. As you see, word “SEAL” here is way bigger than any other element. Moreover, it’s written in capital letters, while the text along the edge is not. The size of the layout is 40 mm. Keep in mind, that there are certain requirements existing for using round stamps in business. Before working on the design, please, check if this template fit all the criteria for business. If necessary, we have other types of examples to edit.