Make a layout for your self-inking rubber stamp based on our ready-made template №2088

Stamp mockup №2088,Size :38mm
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  • Stamp mockup №2088
  • Size: 38mm
  • Categories: Business
  • Tags: #Stamp #MyStampReady #Seal #REG #123456789

Personalized rubber stamps are used by all the companies and business owners in the world: it’s a universal tool for facilitating paperwork and verifying documentation. Each template in our large collection can serve as an example for your project. This is a simple and elegant rubber stamp: the text in the center is the registration number of the company. You can see that it’s written in capital letters and is bold. Around the text, there’s a thick circle. It allows to draw attention to the words in the middle of the template. You can replace the phrase with the name of your brand, registration number or any other word. The frame can also be modified: the thickness and the style of this element can be changed. Just click on the part that you want to edit and make the desired alterations. The text along the outer frame is also capitalized. The parts of the phrase are divided by asterisks, but you can add one long sentence instead. Just like the previous elements in the middle, this part of the template is available for modification. Moreover, you can place a logo on your sketch: MyStampReady offers a big collection of images dedicated to many spheres. The size of the layout will be 38 mm. It’s the standard diameter size of a round rubber stamp. The seal made on the basis of this layout can be used for both professional use (office paperwork) and for personal purposes (like wedding invitations or stamping books in home library).